13-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Black Person To Gain Admission Into Medical School In US

13-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Black Person To Gain Admission Into Medical School In U.S.

Alena Analeigh was only 12 years old when she was admitted to Arizona State University last year to study engineering. Around the same time, the adolescent was enrolled at Oakwood University.

And, while studying at two different universities may appear to be a herculean task, Alena has already completed over two years of college after opting to take a full course load, according to 12 News.

Initially, the teen hoped to work for NASA. She was later inspired, however, to pursue a career in medicine. Her acceptance into the University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine made her the youngest Black person in the United States to be admitted to a medical school.

“I really want to make an impact on the world.” And lead a group of girls who are confident in their abilities,” Alena told the news outlet in an interview.

The teen stated that her interest in biology influenced her decision to study medicine. “It only took one engineering class for me to realize this isn’t where I wanted to go,” the teen explained. “I believe viral immunology arose from my passion for volunteering and engaging with the world.”

Alena stated that a trip to Jordan inspired her to attend medical school. She also acknowledged The Brown STEM Girl Foundation. “What I want from healthcare is to show these underserved communities that we can help and that we can find cures for these viruses,” she said.

Alena should be able to become a doctor at the age of 18 if she completes medical school successfully. “I want to be an inspiration to the girls.” “I want them to see that there are no boundaries,” the adolescent said.






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