13 Year Old Girl Sold To Over 100 Men For Sex In Less Than A Month

13-Year-Old Black Girl Sold To Over 100 Men For Sex In Less Than A Month

With even more parents, as well as young adults, getting more and more vigilant about sex trafficking, one particular Florida teenager’s story reinforces the perils of the predatory act.

A 13-year-old female told investigators that she was offered to much more than a hundred males for sex in under a month’s time, NBC News reports.

The teen stated she ran from home and was consequently recruited by sex traffickers, which includes a female police officer later identified as Souprina Blanc and 19-Year-Old Racquel Bijou.

Based on the criminal complaint filed by the girl, each of Bijou and Blanc insisted she has sex in return for cash with many more mature males, some reportedly a minimum of fifty years of age.

Regardless of the girl reportedly telling Bijou that she was underage, she was told to tell everyone she was twenty-one.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the document even detailed an instance whereby Bijou allegedly told the girl to take pictures of herself which were eventually delivered to 22-year-old Jeremiah Horenstein along with 25-year-old Ashton Lewinson.

The two men reportedly posted pictures of the female to a backpage site, marketing sex work. Sticking to the advertisement actually being posted, the girl was told to sleep with over hundred males.

Based on the file, she was offered for sex a great deal that her traffickers dubbed her “breadmaker.”

Right after vanishing, the teenager contacted a relative by text, informing them she had sex with “so many people.” Frightened about the girl’s safety, the relative gave the authorities all the teen’s telephone records.

Investigators in Miami-Dade County and also the FBI’s Kid Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force arranged a sting operation on June 11, during which the girl was recovered and Blanc was arrested.

According to court documents, officers discovered an unidentified female naked in the room along with a naked male hiding in the hot shower throughout the operation. 

Bijou, Lewinson and Horenstein were subsequently arrested in November and August. All the four suspects are charged with sex trafficking of a minor and are been held with no bond. Bijou pleaded guilty on November 19. In case convicted, the defendants might face a maximum of life in jail.

In recent months, attention has been heightened around human trafficking.

In February, an Atlanta area sex trafficking sting resulted in the arrests of 169 individuals within the time of Super Bowl LIII. 9 kids have been rescued throughout the operation, reports 11Alive.

Furthermore, specific accounts of sex traffickers as well as the victims have been progressively repeated occurrences in news cycles.

On Thursday, a North Carolina male was sentenced to imprisonment for sex trafficking a minor in Miami, CBS Miami reports. She ultimately escaped him.

Earlier this year, after a brand-new Jersey teen went missing, her pictures came out on sex trafficking sites. She was eventually found safeguarded in Philadelphia as Blavity earlier reported.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline could be reached at 1-888-373-7888.

Even though this news is from last year, 2019, it should not be passed off, as the trafficking of underage girls and boys have seen an increase in the past few years. These operations are carried out all around the world, especially on Black people.

The United States of America has seen an increase in the disappearance of hundreds and thousands of Black girls, with many being trafficked for sex, while many others disappear from the face of the earth, never to be seen again.

The duty falls on the laps of the BLACK parents, to bring up their children the right way, and protect them from the evil people that are out there. This also is not just a job for the parents alone.

It should be a community effort on the part of Black people, to protect their young girls and boys. Black people in America must look within and understand that they are Africans, and that the African child belongs to the community, and not just the parents.

Black men must play a more active role in the upbringing of the Black child. It is important that these boys and girls have a father figure in their lives, as well as a father figure. There is no pride in getting women pregnant and leaving them to bring up the children, with no father figure. Any man who does that is a disgrace to manhood.

These children are the future of our race – protect them. Be the God they see and have.

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