14 Percent Of Recovered Coronavirus Patients In China Test Positive AGAIN, Doctors Report

14 Percent Of Recovered Coronavirus Patients In China Test Positive AGAIN, Doctors Report

As the world still tries to understand the coronavirus, and how best to contain it, China has been able to treat a large number of people who were infected with the virus. But the sad or weird news now is that around 14% of them return back to the hospital testing positive to the same coronavirus.

So, what is happening?

Is there an end to this pandemic?

The health experts in China have expressed fears that China might be facing a second outbreak, as a result of dormant cases, who have now reinfected the healed people. Other sources of infection, they said, could come from foreigners or Chinese who had recently entered the country. They also feared that many carriers’ of the virus may show little or no symptoms, and in turn infect those who have been exposed to the virus before.

Health workers have clearly stated that it is paramount to closely monitor those who have been treated and discharged from the hospitals/quarantine facilities. This is because over 90% of the citizens who were formerly infected, were now discharged from the hospitals and quarantine facilities.

The medics and scientists fear that the nucleic acid tests used in determining the presence of the virus, might not be adequate in detecting traces of the coronavirus.

After two months of lockdown, millions of the residents of Hubei province, which was the former epicenter of the virus, can now have a breath of fresh air and leave the province.

Wang Wei, the director of Wuhan’s Tongji Hospital, in a statement, told CCTV, that doctors in one of the hospitals have discovered that five out of 147 of the patients who were discharged tested positive again to the coronavirus. These 14 percent were later diagnosed in the Guangdong Province of Southern China. This was also reported by the deputy director of the provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Song Tie.

The weird thing about these results was that the patients who tested positive again had no symptoms of the coronavirus. More weird was the fact that even after testing positive, they did not infect family members.

So this leaves us with multiple questions, such as: Did the virus leave the system completely? Did the symptoms stop but the virus somehow found a way to stay active inside of the host’s system? Are the test kits and methods used viable to detect the virus as a whole? Is the virus forming new mutants in the host of those it infects?

While the world is still grappling with the outbreak of the pandemic, this news has sent more panic into the air, and governments around the world are wondering if this would be the case of their citizens who are currently recovering.

No matter what the outcome will be, we pray and hope that the world will recover fully from this disaster, and forge ahead stronger.

Our prayers goes out to all nations currently battling this pandemic.







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