19-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Teen Black Girl For Allegedly Throwing Water At Mcdonald’s Employee

19-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Teen Black Girl For Allegedly Throwing Water At Mcdonald’s Employee

According to Chicago prosecutors, a 19-year-old male accused of shooting and killing a 17-year-old girl claimed he shot her after she threw water at a McDonald’s employee. When he fatally shot Tierra Franklin on July 1, the defendant, identified as Anthony Heredia, was on parole, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The occurrence took place at the McDonald’s location at 4334 West 26th Street. According to the prosecution, the suspect told detectives that Franklin had previously been involved in a fight at the business and that once they recognized her, staff members asked him to come over.

Prosecutors claim that when Heredia arrived at the business, the staff informed him that there wasn’t a problem. The murdered victim and her family reportedly remained inside the store as the suspect waited in the parking lot.

Later, after water she hurled inside the drive-thru window of the store splashed on a worker, according to the prosecution, Heredia shot the victim. Franklin was hit while she was running toward a car. According to Chicago police, she was later declared dead at a hospital.

Prosecutors claimed that after the event, surveillance video showed Heredia returning to the shooting location and obtaining a shell casing, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Prosecutors noted that a separate shell casing that they had discovered at the scene matched one that Heredia had with him when he was apprehended.

According to Franklin’s family, she buried her mother a few months ago, according to ABC7 Chicago. She lost her father when she was five years old, according to some reports.

Juanita Flowers, Franklin’s aunt, said: “You expect them to return home when they say they’re going to the shop.” It’s tragic, then.

Flowers added that if she had picked up Franklin earlier, the tragedy might have been averted. I believe that she would have been in the car with me if I had arrived maybe an hour or 45 minutes sooner. She wouldn’t have been present when it occurred, she claimed.

Franklin was about to start her senior year, according to the family, and she wanted to be a lawyer. “Looking forward to graduating next year from Curie High School, looking forward to prom,” Flowers said.

“We just lost her mother in April. We’re not even nowhere near healed from that,” a family friend added.

Since then, Heredia has been accused of first-degree murder and unauthorized use of a weapon. Bail has also been rejected for him. Heredia reportedly received parole in March after entering a guilty plea to negligent discharge of a handgun.






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