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2-Year-Old Boy Who Can Count In Multiple Languages Including Japanese Which He Learned In A Day

2-Year-Old Boy Who Can Count In Multiple Languages Including Japanese Which He Learned In A Day

Isaiah Gyamfi isn’t a typical two-year-old. The youngster is already earning a name for himself as an academic genius, with a deep interest in reading, writing, and counting in many languages at such a young and tender age. Aside from that, the little prodigy can do math problems with ease.

English, Spanish, and French are among the languages in which Gyamfi can already read, write, and count. In addition, the genius has lately learned how to count in Japanese up to 40. In less than 24 hours, he accomplished this achievement.

Isaiah’s mother, Jazelle, told the Mirror that her son’s capacity to quickly grasp and recall new information began when he was just five months old. “One day, Isaiah was on my phone watching a phonic video on YouTube when he scrolled to the bottom and clicked on a Japanese numeracy video,” Jazelle, who is from South West London, said.


“He was enthralled by it the first time he heard it. He wanted to watch it again, and before I knew it, he was reciting the numbers word for word,” she explained.

“I knew he was interested in languages at the time, so I showed him a Spanish movie.” I decided to buy him Spanish flashcards because his eyes brightened up, and he liked them and would study them every day.”

Because of the pattern, Jazelle, 30, said her son soon learned how to count in Japanese. “He appreciates the fact that Japanese has a pattern,” she explained. “It’s really simple to learn the remainder of the numbers once you’ve mastered the first ten.” With a few exceptions, Japanese numbers follow a logical pattern.”

“So it’s just a constant repetition of the same term with various numbers.” For instance, number one is ‘ichi,’ and number ten is ‘juu,’ so number eleven would be juu-ichi,” she explained. “Because ten (juu) plus one (ichi) equals eleven.” Simply add the two words together for a total of 11. Only a few exceptions apply. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun!”


When he was four months old, Jazelle said she turned their living room into a numeracy and literacy place to help him enhance his visual ability to capture knowledge. When Jazelle asked Isaiah where a certain letter was when he was eight months old, he properly recognized it. After a few weeks, he began saying the letters with phonics.

“At first, I was caught aback and wondered if my eight-month-old had just called out letters. She told the Mirror, “I remember just nervously laughing, but I was so pleased and wanted to hear it again.” “I assumed he was saying the numbers and letters, but he was actually saying something else.” But he continued to say it, confirming my suspicions.

“I remember telling his father that when he got home from work, I took Isaiah to the wall with the letter and number stickers, and as he shouted them out, we both simply laughed.”

“We were first-time parents and were ecstatic and pleased.”


Since then, Jazelle has developed an Instagram account for Isaiah, where she posts about his academic achievements.

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