23 Year Old Begs Judge To Reduce Sentence Of Woman Who Stole Her At Birth Calls Her Mom

23-Year-Old Begs Judge To Reduce Sentence Of Woman Who Stole Her At Birth, Calls Her ‘Mom’


A woman who was kidnapped days after her birth over two decades ago asked a judge to decrease her kidnapper’s prison sentence. Kamiyah Mobley’s plea to the court comes after her convicted kidnapper, Gloria Williams, asked a judge to decrease her sentence, according to Action News Jax. Her request, however, was turned down.

Williams was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2018 for kidnapping Mobley in 1998 in a Florida hospital. Williams allegedly pretended to be a nurse and kidnapped Mobley just hours after her biological mother gave birth to her. She escaped to South Carolina with the baby and raised the victim as her own daughter. Williams’ name was likewise altered to Alexis Manigo.


Officials tracked Mobley to a location in Walterboro, South Carolina in 2017 after receiving reports from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Despite the fact that Mobley’s date of birth matched that of the victim they were looking for, officials discovered she had a different name and that her documents were forged. Officials were able to confirm Mobley’s true identity through DNA testing.

Mobley has since reconnected with her birth parents. In a letter to the court in September 2021, Mobley stated that she still considers Williams to be her mother. “Because of everything my mother gave me, I have a well-rounded existence and am an independent, college-educated, and genuinely spiritual person.” According to Action News Jax, she wrote, “I am completely aware of how our lives came to be, what they are, and how my mother came to be my mother.”

“I understand that none of this changes the realities of the past, and it in no way excuses my mother’s conduct,” Mobley continued. “I beg the court’s forgiveness and mercy because I need my mum back,” she continued.

According to court filings, Williams added Mobley’s letter to her application asking the judge to consider reducing her sentence. Williams requested that the court adjust her sentence by allowing her to serve half of it in prison and the other half on felony probation, “or whatever relief this Court deems appropriate,” according to her letter.

Williams also claimed to be a rehabilitated individual who had gone through a faith and character program. She also stated that she was pursuing a Master’s degree in business administration.

“I have had no disciplinary reports of any kind,” Williams added, “and I have maintained an above satisfactory rating by both security and the Department of Corrections in my job assignment performance, which is issued once a month.”

“While I recognize that this in no way absolves me of my actions, I respectfully request that this Court consider modifying/reducing my sentence to a split sentence…”

Williams’ plea, however, was denied by a Duval County Circuit Court judge on Wednesday, according to PennLive.

Judge Jeb Branham said, “The court commends the defendant for her efforts to rehabilitate herself and sympathizes with Ms. Mobley’s position.” “However, even if the motion was filed on time, the court would not find a cause to reverse the decision of the original sentencing judge.”







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