25-year-old Nigerian, Jerry Mallo, has invented the first Nigerian made fiber sports car. The car which is made of glass-like fiber, very unlike the regular Nigerian cars which are made of aluminum, is built to protect occupants of the car in case of a crash; in such circumstances, the car would shatter, leaving its occupants protected by airbags instead of crushing them.

The well-calculated invention has 4 radiators which makes it suitable for the Nigerian temperature and rough terrain.

The young inventor who is also the Fabrication Engineer and Chief Executive Officer of Bernie Technologies LTD inferred that he is strongly convinced that Africa is a ripe market for luxury sports cars.

In his words “Africa is a good market for luxury vehicles. I got that exposure when I was in the UK, in Europe, we learned that making the car is just half of the challenge, and selling it is the other half. Africa is usually the target place to sell these vehicles, so I feel there‚Äôs a big market for it here.”

Jerry Mallo went on to emphasize the need for Nigeria to raise students with innovative spirits by training them to not only be theoretically good but to successfully match their theoretical prowess with tangible practical output.

He said, “We have a lot of hand skilled individuals in Nigeria and they are lying wasted, if you would allow me to say it, it is like the theoretical aspect is what is valued more and I am poor at the theoretical so I saw it as a challenge, why don’t I do something practically-inclined and will also be platform for others to put their mind and we’ll make a living out of it.”

Mallo also disclosed that his passion for cars started since he was 5 years old, for him, he is inspired to make this kind of car because of the availability of resources needed not just in Nigeria but across Africa.

The fiber sports car which he branded Bennie Purrie, was unveiled at Trancorp Hilton, Abuja on Thursday; it, however, will not be up for purchase just yet. According to Mallo, they hope to achieve commercialization in the next two years as the car is still on a research project phase.

Mallo’s innovation and many others like it point to the fact that Africa has all it takes to compete with the world in the field of science and technology. More effort is needed on the part of the government to create an enabling environment for innovations to thrive.

Countries like Rwanda have done amazingly great in the field of science and technology, and what is most admirable is that the entire country focuses on the younger generation – because they are the future.

We hope to hear better news about the advancement of Mallo’s car, and how it can help in expanding the automobile industry in Nigeria and in Africa at large.


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