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50-Year-Old North Carolina Woman Births Her First Child After Many Years Of Trying

50 Year Old North Carolina Woman Births Her First Child After Many Years Of Trying

This holiday season, Susie and Tony Troxler of North Carolina have a lot to be thankful for. The couple, both 50 and 61 years old, became parents to a newborn baby girl after years of trying, an experience the mother has described as unbelievable.

Susie told TODAY Parents, “I don’t really have the words, it’s surreal.” “I still can’t believe what I’m seeing. I spent so much time being myself before becoming a wife. So now that I’m a mom, it’s still a ‘wow’ moment for me.”

The couple’s bundle of joy, however, did not come without its share of challenges. “When we were married, we didn’t even recognize there was a reproductive problem because we were simply doing the relationship thing,” the new mother explained. “We were just busy because I was working, he was working, and we were both busy.”


Susie’s physician thought she might be suffering from fibroids, otherwise known as noncancerous growths of the uterus, according to the Mayo Clinic, so the Troxlers sought aid from the Carolinas Fertility Institute in Greensboro after eight years without positive pregnancy outcomes.

Susie Troxler’s doctor was not only correct, but she also had endometriosis, a painful gynecological disorder in which endometrial-like tissue grows outside the uterus. The couple’s struggle to produce children was also influenced by Tony Troxler’s health.

With all of their options and risks laid out in front of them, including gestational diabetes, premature birth, and fetal chromosomal abnormalities, the couple opted to go ahead with their plans to start a family.

“From the beginning, he made it apparent that this was going to be an uphill battle,” she explained. “In January of this year, I had fibroid surgery, went through the healing phase, and then they harvested egg after egg.” I tried multiple times to retrieve eggs and inseminate them, but none of them worked. “Nothing, nothing, nothing,” says the mother.


The duo attempted a final attempt in late 2019 after a second operation and a COVID-19 infection. “There wasn’t supposed to be a baby,” Susie explained, “it wasn’t going to happen.” “We had that second embryo frozen, and we didn’t want to keep it that way indefinitely.” As a result, we pushed forward and an embryo transfer was performed. “And now we’re parents,” she continued.

Susie was forced to have a C-section due to the pregnancy’s high risk, which was scheduled six months after her birthday. “It’s what I refer to as divine irony,” she explained. “I had a feeling it was going to be her day.” On September 29, the Troxlers welcomed their first child, Lily Troxler, who weighed five pounds and 12.8 ounces.

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