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61-Year-Old White Missionary Sexually Abuses Four Little Girls In His Kenyan Orphanage

61-Year-Old White Missionary Sexually Abuses Four Little Girls In His Kenyan Orphanage

It is pathetic the kind of atrocities that Europeans and White-Americans commit in Africa, through their orphanages, healthcare centers and so-called “helping the needy”

We once ran a report about an American woman who was a fake doctor and practiced medicine as an unlicensed doctor, killing hundreds of Ugandan children.

Here in this report, we have a 61-year-old so-called missionary, who up until 2006, was a registered sex offender in America. But somehow he came down to Africa, and our people, who love to trust and worship the white man, gave him permission to set up an orphanage.

He moved with his wife Mary Rose (left) and six of his children. Dow engaged in illicit sexual conduct with at least four minors between October 2013 and September 2017

Findings reveal that, the said man, named Gregory Dow, setup the Dow Family Children’s Home in Boito, Kenya, in the year 20008. He did that as a missionary of Lifegate Church in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

The reports said that he engaged with illicit sexual conduct with at least for of the little girls, who are considered minors under the law.

This, he did between October 2013 and September 2017. He raped the girls in his home and was caught by a worker, who said he was seen in the shower with one of the girls.

The girls told locals of the abuse endured but when authorities arrived three days later the Dows had fled and closed the orphanage

On September 11th, 2017, two of the girls ran away from the orphanage and told the town’s people of the abuse they went through in the orphanage. When law enforcement personnel arrived at the orphanage three days later, Dow had fled.

He and his wife Mary Rose, were both on the run. She was caught in a town near Nairobi and was put in prison for five months.

Her crime was specializing in inserting birth control into the girls to avoid them getting pregant from Dow’s sexual abuses.


The case is now in court, and Dow has pleaded guilty to the sexual offenses against these young African girls. He is to be imprisoned for 15 years.

But is that enough justice? We don’t think so!!!

To get the complete report on this, go to Daily Mail Uk.


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