9-Yr-Old Danielle Boadu Beat 450 Others To Win National Math Competition In UK

9-Yr-Old Danielle Boadu Beat 450 Others To Win National Math Competition In UK

Danielle Boadu, a nine-year-old student at Heritage Park Primary School in Peterborough, won a national math competition in which primary school students were challenged to demonstrate their inventiveness in honor of World Maths Day.

Boadu won the “Sum it Up” maths competition in the Year 3-4 category earlier this month with her pictorial portrayal of how she sees maths in her school playground, according to the Peterborough Telegraph.

Renaissance Learning, an edtech firm, launched the competition, which received entries from primary school pupils across the UK and Ireland who produced their own visual representation of math. Boadu’s design was picked from over 450 submissions from around the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was chosen by an expert group of judges who loved her work.

“I’m overjoyed for Danielle. “She made some amazing mathematics observations and meticulously recorded her findings,” Danielle’s teacher, Nina Edenbrow, said. “We examined our school environment, and it was fascinating for the children to see the maths in nature – the symmetry was a particular surprise for many children, as I believe they imagined nature to be rather ‘haphazard,’ but they could see how an understanding of number and shape could help them create art.”

Boadu also discussed her victory. “I had a lot of fun with my entry because I liked identifying all the shapes and patterns at the playground and drawing the objects I counted and observed.” At first glance, everything at the playground appeared normal, but as I looked closer and remembered everything we had learned in arithmetic, I realized, “Wow, I can see all of the patterns.”

According to the Peterborough Telegraph, Boadu and the other competition winners received a Kindle Fire and a year’s membership to Renaissance’s Freckle and Star Maths practice and assessment solutions for their class or school. Each entrant will also receive a certificate to thank them for participating in the competition.

“It’s so vital that we engage children in arithmetic in an interesting and accessible way,” said Catherine Magee, the competition’s Head Judge, “and this competition has provided teachers and pupils the tools to accomplish so.”






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