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A Texas White Woman Who Shot Black Woman At A Grocery Store Has Been Charged For Murder

A Texas White Woman Who Shot Black Woman At A Grocery Store Has Been Charged For Murder

Late last week, a Texas lady was arrested and charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a homeless woman outside of a grocery shop.

On Monday, July 26, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez posted to Twitter that 34-year-old Christine Fesus was in custody after admitting to shooting Deandrea Citizen, a 36-year-old Black homeless woman, in the parking lot of a Food Town grocery store on Sunday, July 25.

Fesus initially claimed that she was walking her dog when Citizen “attacked or forcefully approached” her. That’s when the white woman said she opened fire, shooting the victim at least once.


Fesus returned home to her flat behind the store after the slaying, according to court documents acquired by the Houston Chronicle. She called authorities to report her involvement after putting her gun away and changing her clothes.

Investigators claim the woman was really walking her dog when she observed Citizen sitting on a curb talking to herself and shot her, according to a nearby surveillance camera and other witnesses who recognized Fesus as the gunman. According to one eyewitness, he attempted CPR on the woman, but she was pronounced dead at the spot by emergency medical personnel.

Another guy claiming to be Citizen’s boyfriend informed investigators that he was lying down as she was talking to herself, which he claimed she did on a regular basis throughout her mental health crises.

That’s when Fesus approached them, he informed cops. “Words were exchanged,” the anonymous man added, before Fesus fired her weapon. He said that when he asked Citizen if she had been hit, she affirmed it before collapsing.


Fesus’ narrative had some inconsistencies, and he later told cops that Citizen “came at me.” “There is one of those diseased white people,” the displaced woman stated to her, according to her.

On Tuesday, Fesus was released on a $75,000 bond. Fesus appeared in court on Wednesday, where her public attorney successfully fought prosecutors’ plea for the judge to impose a curfew and home arrest on her as bond conditions.

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