A war Is coming to Nigeria - And The Armies Are Marching

A War Is Coming To Nigeria – And The Armies Are Marching

A War Is Coming. The Armies Of The North And South Now Match. Which Way Nigeria? 

The army of militant Islam has intensified their sojourn to the Atlantic. Fuelled by the words of their ancestor, they match.

Fuelled by hate and an ideology of Northern hegemony they ride. Though they might be slow and discordant, still they match. 

They are sworn to a creed – a creed which promises them domination on earth and 70 virgins in the afterlife.

Through green lands and rocky valleys, they match. Through government propaganda and hidden agendas, they advance.

The Army of the South matches too. They match without any religious creed nor political ambition.

They match into liquor houses. They match into the beds of strange women. They match for each man’s personal financial gain.

They ride to the big cities and capitals where they meet with a few “supposed” friends in the army of Islam – to bow down in loyalty and seek political favours. 

They Match up North to build magnificent garrisons of drunken men and women. Though this will hurt the Southern army in the future – still they match in disarray.

They match North and litter the land with places of worship to a god who never comes to their aid in times of war and genocide. 

Each Southern officer takes his own route – some match towards the mountain in search of a sky God and other match towards the rivers in search of beautiful mermaids. Though out of rhythm, a creed nor a goal – the Southern Army matches.

Who is the Army, the mad man by the street corner asked me.

You and I are the Army, I answered him.

The Army are the politicians, the students, the farmers, the businessmen, the government trained soldiers, the diplomats, the civil servants and the little children in the street corners.

All these are different battalions of the army on both sides. The Army is the society. 

Look upon yourself oh soldier and ask yourself: what is my creed? What is my course? To where do I match? 

Realistic Poetry by Chuka Nduneseokwu

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