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A White Doctor Who Drugged And Molested Black Woman In An Emergency Room Walks Free After Only 2 Years In Jail

A White Doctor Who Drugged And Molested Black Woman In An Emergency Room Walks Free After Only 2 Years In Jail

A former New York doctor has been released after being imprisoned for sexually abusing a black woman.

To the displeasure of the victim, Aja Newman, who claims she has had to relive her story more than a dozen times, David Newman spent only two years after admitting to the act.

In 2016, Aja went to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan’s emergency room with shoulder pain. According to prosecutors, Dr. Newman sedated and assaulted her there, leaving so much sperm on her.


Dr. Newman was sentenced to two years in prison by the State Supreme Court in Manhattan after admitting to abusing four women, including Aja, who were his patients at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Prosecutors claimed that Dr. Newman had a tendency for targeting young minority women between the ages of 18 and 29 and that he had caressed the women’s breasts for no medical purpose in each of the four cases.

The torment Aja endured at the hands of Dr. Newman left a scar on her soul.

During her sentencing, she told the court, “I have never been able to trust a doctor since, and I never will.”


In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Aja detailed her harrowing experience, claiming that Dr. Newman hurriedly moved the bed, wedged himself between the wall and the bed, and molested her while masturbating.

She remembered, “I was in and out of awareness, and one of the first things I felt was him grabbing my breast.” “It wasn’t genuine until I realized I couldn’t move,” she says. I’m not sure if my eyes were closed, but I couldn’t see.”

“I felt the bed shake, and the groping made me want to get off,” she explained.

After abusing her, the former doctor cleaned her harshly and called her a “bitch,” according to Aja.


Aja couldn’t leave the emergency room until four hours after the incident, and when she did, she puked on the half-mile walk to her sister’s house, according to New York Magazine.

She carried a large plastic bag loaded with her hospital gown and blankets, which she intended to use as forensic evidence.

Dr. Newman claimed what he did was “terrible and nasty, and I’m sorry” during his sentencing.

“I apologize to everyone who was harmed. I apologize to all physicians and patients throughout the world.”


The doctor’s actions were described by Justice Michael J. Obus as “a flagrant abuse of your position of trust.” He did add, though, that “I actually believe you are honest in your apology.”

As a champion for emergency care reform, Dr. Newman rose to prominence in the medical world. In writings published in The New York Times, he discussed the interactions between doctors and patients, as well as other challenges he encountered while working in hospitals.

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