Akon Builds A City In Africa – African Diasporan Stars Should Think Like Him

Akon Builds A City In Africa – African Diasporan Stars Should Think Like Him

Akon has officially announced the finalization of the agreement for his new city. The singer and seasoned businessman tweeted on Monday; “Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal…Looking forward to hosting you there in the future”

According to his website, Akon is a Senegalese by birth, he moved to Union City, New Jersey at only seven. He has, however, never stopped showing his love for Africa, even though he has lived most of his life in the United States.

The rapper turned businessman who is known for songs like “You can put the blame on me”, “Lonely” “Locked up”, did in 2015 announce a project to provide power for 600 million Africans who are living without power, and he was going to achieve this through solar energy.

Akon’s “Light up Africa” project, boasts having already supplied solar power to 14 countries in Africa. In an interview with CNN back in 2013, the singer said he really wants to impact Africa.

In 2018, Akon announced his vision for the Akon City. It wasn’t just going to be a city; it was going to be a crypto city that would sit on 2,000 acres of land, which was given to him by the president of Senegal, Macky Sall. The city would trade, only in his own mined digital currency, which he called the “Akoin”

The official website of the city stated at the time that the city will only be five minutes’ drive away from Senegal’s new international airport.

“I really want to make the biggest impact in Africa for sure…If I could have my way, Africa would be the United States of Africa.” he said.

African-American stars who have made it in America should borrow a leaf from the works Akon is doing in Africa – there is no other place on earth the African American can impact and be accepted more than mother-land Africa.

When it comes to financing major projects, Akon has shown that “A strong name and reputation” can open doors. And one thing the African American community does not lack are men and women who can transform Africa – their origin.

Akon’s name made him draw Chinese investors to his project of providing electricity to millions of Africans. In an interview with Vlad TV in 2017, he disclosed that he did not have the financial strength to undertake such a project, so he had to go to the Chinese.

In his words, he said: “So I went to China, I met up with some friends out there, some manufacturers, and aligned myself with one of the biggest companies in China that’s owned by the Chinese Government, that manufactures Solar…”

Akon said that he was inspired to bring electricity to Africans because of the living conditions of his grandmother. She refused to leave her hometown in Senegal, in spite of Akon’s money and fame. Her house did not have electricity.

In an interview, Akon said that “Every time I would come, I would try to upgrade her, but she would never take it… one day I said ma I’m not coming to visit you anymore… you have to at least let me put electricity in the house. Come to find out the grid was so far out; I don’t care how much money I had there was no way I could bring electricity to her.” And that’s the moment it hit him that something needed to be done, not just for her grandmother, but also in other locations across Africa where people live without electricity. “Without electricity, you can’t even begin to develop a country, let alone your own home…”

Akon’s message has been very truthful and inspiring. At every turn, every event, every function, every interview, he never stops talking about building a better Africa. Sometimes he seems to be standing alone, but still, he stands tall in his quest for a better Africa.

The likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, P Diddy, Oprah Winfrey, and many others should have interests in developing Africa.

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