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America Begins Project To Block Out The Sun – How Will This Affect Black People?

America Begins Project To Block Out The Sun – How Will This Affect Black People

The world as we know it has suffered more at the hands of humans, than any natural disaster or extraterrestrial interaction. Man’s desire to undo himself and reach unnecessary heights in science has brought more harm to the earth, than anything else.

Each day we wake up to another scientific experiment – another anti-nature plot to harm the planet. Today we have China creating an artificial sun, and America, through its scientists at Harvard, trying to block out the sun – the same sun that has been shinning and giving life to the earth for hundreds of thousands, and millions of years.

Why would anyone want to reduce our exposure to sunlight?


Now before we go into the details of the experiment (which we feel would be anti-human and anti-black/African) we will want to bring us all up to speed on the functions of the sun, and how important it is to Africans (Blacks) worldwide, and by certain extension, other races too.

The Sun – The Giver Of Life

Just so we are all on the same page, we will itemize, to the best of our knowledge, the importance of the sun. To begin with, there will be no earth, humanity, trees, plants, animals, and life without the sun.

The Sun is our only source of natural food energy. This is because the plants all over the surface of the earth, have specific organs in their cells which effortlessly converts sunlight to food energy, through a process we called photosynthesis. The plant captures the rays of the sun in its chloroplast through a chemical reaction, and this reaction, which is purely supernatural will inturn give plants the calories which sustain all life forms on earth.

The SUN also provides vitamin D, which is important in the creation and maintenance of bones, of both humans and animals. Studies show that the sun stimulates the pineal gland deep inside of the brain, and this glad in turn regulates the sleep and wake cycle of human beings. So that means the sun is responsible for signaling our bodies to go into a restful sleep or activity.


The light and warmth the sun produces are not to be taken for granted. This same warmth (heat) and possibly light, is what this BLOCKING OF THE SUN will hope to reduce.

The sun triggers and engineers precipitation, and without it, there would be no rain and snow on this planet. The ability of the sun to evaporate water from water bodies sees to it that we have rain and snow in due season. Without the sun, there would be drought, and the entire earth would be a barren wasteland of desert sand.

These and many more are the various functions and gifts of the sun. Many African cultures hold the sun in high reverence and often believe it to be the greatest and most powerful of the celestial deities/gods. This can be found in the Igbo worship of Anyanwu (Sun), in the Igbo Odinana (religion). Africans believe themselves to be sons and daughters of the sun. The sun, just like how it gives the plants energy, energizes the black people.

And the whole point of writing this article, is to protest the attempt by Americans, Europeans and Asians to alter nature and block out the very power that keeps this earth working. Have the scientists at Harvard thought about the possible fall-outs of this research and techlonology? No i dont think so. If they have a death wish or a war with nature, we Afrifcans don’t.


Well, below is a detailed report of the science surrounding the SUN-BLOCK, how they hope to achieve it, and what has been done already.

A report by Forbes stated that a group of scientists from Harvard University, in the United States Of America, have come up with a plan to “tackle climate change” by BLOCKING OUT the Sun, through geoengineering. They claim that this process will artificially reflect sunlight, and would invariably control the earth’s temperature. This concept, the report said, has been around for decades.

Do you mean someone has been planning to Block the sun for decades? Wow. These people never cease to amaze me.

The project, which will cost $3 million, is called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) and will be tested by launching a steerable balloon in the southwest of the United States, in a distance of 20 kilometers into the stratosphere (which is the second layer of the atmosphere as you go upward into the sky).

Illustration of the balloon system the Harvard team will deploy to release calcium carbonate
Illustration of the balloon system the Harvard scientists will deploy to release calcium carbonate into the stratosphere / Source: PROJECTS.IQ.HARVARD.EDU

The scientists said that once the balloon reaches the 20 kilometers mark, it will deploy/release small particles of calcium carbonate. The Forbes report stated that the Harvard team made plans to launch this in the spring of 2019. This is 2020. Have they already done this? Is someone already playing God with the sun which belongs to all humanity? That’s a question we must all find answers to?

The scientists have cited the effects of volcanic eruptions on the temperature of the earth as the reason why they feel it’s okay to block out OUR SUN. The report stated that, after studying the effects of the 1991 volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, where the eruption released 20 million tones of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. The sulfur dioxide created a blanket around the Earth’s stratosphere, thereby cooling the entire planet by 0.5 °C for about one year and a half. So, the scientists are willing to mimick nature with their own man-made chemicals, to replicate the fallouts of the volcanic eruption.


The scientists believe that this will somehow help fight climate change, in the face of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. Their major goal is to reduce the warming of the earth. But when in actual fact, mankind is the one hurting the planet and should reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But instead, mankind will do its bests to keep the industries that emit these gases running, while they try pump other chemicals into the air, to block the sun.

The rest of the report on the process can be found on Forbes.

Here is a clip from The Simpsons that predicts this. And from all indications, most scenes from the cartoon, SIMPSONS, have always come to pass.

How Will This Affect Black People?

This question came to my mind, while I read this report, and it created deep fear and concern for me. This is because the Black man is often the one who gets to bear the brunt of any fallout of these crazy experiments by scientists – history is my witness. In the case of experiments on vaccines, Africa has been the testing ground, and although it is under-reported by big media houses, many Africans have paid with their lives, for being guinea pigs for the scientific excesses of Europe and America.


So, in this particular instance, I asked myself, what are the health implications of this BLOCKING OF THE SUN, for the African man – the Black Man; giving that we are Sun people with melanin flowing through us, and that many of our nations depend on agriculture for their daily survival.

We need the warmth of the sun. We need the energy it gives us. In a world filled with genetically modified foods, we can’t afford to have lesser crops coming out of the farms, thereby making us more dependent on chemicals and fertilizers to achieve optimal growth and harvest.

This part of this article is not up for scientific debate, because scientists will always have an excuse which the majority of people will buy into, even if they don’t understand it. The submissions I make here, call for a moral concern about where the world is going to. I believe the negative effects of this project will outweigh the benefits if there are any.

In all honesty, I don’t believe that blocking the sun will be the best answer to the issue of climate change. Humanity is damaging the climate, through her race for economic superiority and dominance by individual states. Scientists should leave our sun out of this.


What do you think about this?

How do you think this will affect Black people, and also other people of the world?


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