American Group Launches $20 Trillion Lawsuit Against The Chinese Government Over Coronavirus

American Group Launches $20 Trillion Lawsuit Against The Chinese Government Over Coronavirus

A $20 trillion lawsuit has been filed against the Chinese authorities by an American Lawyer Larry Klayman together with his advocacy group Freedom Watch and Texas company Buzz photos.

They are been sued over the spread of the deadly coronavirus which has led to the deaths of thousands and counting with thousands still infected. It has also led to the shutting down of companies, businesses, industries, living and the economy in general around the world, thereby causing a global Pandemic.

The defendants include the Chinese army, the Chinese government, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Director of Wuhan Institute of Virology Shi Zhengi and the Chinese army’s Major General Chen Wei.

The charges lined up against the defendants by the plaintiffs was valued at $20 trillion, blaming the Chinese government for the viral outbreak of the coronavirus. The group claims that the virus was a biological weapon made by the Chinese authorities. It goes further to accuse China of aiding and abetting the deaths, provision of material to support terrorists, conspiracy to cause injury and death of the United States citizens, negligence, wrongful death, assault, and battery.

The Chinese authorities were accused of silencing Chinese doctors and researchers who alerted the world and talked about the virus. It was also reported that Major General Chen, who was desperate to save herself, and her team of six, injected themselves with a yet to be tested vaccine.

The group which is of American origin quoted several media reports that reported just a single microbiology lab in China that dealt with viruses like the novel coronavirus in Wuhan. It also accuses the government of covering up the crime by linking statements made by the national security protocols and coronavirus.

The Plaintiffs have asked for a jury trial against the defendants while insisting that the coronavirus was “designed to be used against the general population of one or more of China’s perceived enemy nations, such as the United States.”

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