Archaeologists Claim Ramses II Was The Pharoah Moses Fought – Says French Stole His Body Parts

Archaeologists Claim Ramses II Was The Pharoah Moses Fought - Says French Stole His Body Parts
Archaeologists Claim Ramses II Was The Pharoah Moses Fought – Says French Stole His Body Parts

The field of Egyptology, no matter how noble it may seem, is still one of the biggest avenues of disrespect to the dead black people and civilizations of ancient Kemet (Egypt). No matter the findings of people such as Pharah Ramses II, we still believe that the graves of the dead should not be exhumed in such a careless manner, without the consent of the original black people, whose ancestors are mummified.

But be that as it may, we will continue with this report – for knowledge, clarity and research sake.

On 14 May 2020 in Cairo, Ali Gomaa who is a program presenter on Egypt’s first channel announced on the program he presents that suffocation was the primary cause of death of Ramses II, a conclusion that was gotten from the numerous tests which were carried out on the body of Ramses II. However, the announcement has led to a series of controversies.

Gomaa also stated that the scientists had found seaweeds inside his corpse, which is a further indication that Ramses II was the pharoah that lived during Moses era. Still, are we certain that the corpse of Ramses II belongs to the Pharaoh of Egypt?

Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass also reviewed this matter during his speech in a seminar held on December 20th 2019.

During the seminar, the first question asked was about the Egyptian project for studying royal mummies. Hawass replied that studies of the mummies over the past years had been conducted by foreigners who unfortunately took parts of the different mummies while studying.

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This is what he said;

“Whoever conducted the X-Ray of Tutankhamun’s mummy stole parts of it and those who studied the mummy of Ramses II to prove whether or not he was the Pharaoh that lived during Moses era stole his hair but the hair was restored again.” 

When asked about the time and how the project began, Hawass answered,

“We started the project to study royal mummies in 2009 and made huge discoveries regarding the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut (Egyptian Queen of the 18th Dynasty), how Ramses II died, and the family of King Tutankhamun. We are now conducting studies on 20 royal mummies.”

The veteran Egyptian archaeologist, Hawass, also explained that each royal mummy was going to be displayed with all its personal belongings, evidence or data about the profession of the owner of the mummy, and the results of DNA tests and CT scans which determines the cause of death. Hawass also stated that Ramses V was sick with smallpox.

Is Ramses II's mummy Fake? Here's the answer! - Mr. Imhotep
Pharaoh Ramses II

So, from the aforementioned, we can deduce whether the CT scans prove the causes of death. Did Ramses II die of drowning and also is he the Pharoah of Moses time as theoreticians claim him to be?

Hawass also added,

“It is not possible with CT scans to know whether the mummy died of drowning or not. The only thing that proves this is the lung which is not found inside the mummy. When they took the mummy of Ramses II in the eighties to prove that he was the Pharaoh of Moses, one of the researchers stole his hair on the restoration trip in France, putting it in a safe in his house. When the restorer passed away, his son tried to sell the hair”.

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Although Egyptology has become a field of study of its own, it is sometimes heartbreaking to see foreigners (Europeans and Arabs) desecrate the graves of the ancient Black people of Kemet. This desecration has been going on for decades and centuries, all in the name of Egyptology – a science used to camouflage an attempt to discover the secrets of the black people that build the civilizations of ancient Egypt, steal their identities, and change the narrative.

The story of Ramses II missing lungs and hair is clearly a sacrilage and disrecpect of the African dead.

We will do our part to report this story as it unfolds. For now this is all we have. Please share your opinions on this.

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