Atlanta Cop Who Beat 15-Year-Old Black Boy Unconscious Gets 20-Year Sentence

Atlanta Cop Who Beat 15-Year-Old Black Boy Unconscious Gets 20-Year Sentence

The rate of police brutalities against African-Americans with some recorded deaths has alarmed the non-white community.

Watching rogue cops get away with minimal or zero punishment as if Black lives don’t matter is very harrowing, and clearly shows that White-America has not repented of their hate and war against descendants of Africans, ever since they encountered them hundreds of years ago.

One will insist that if something is not done soon, the caucasian oppression of Blacks in America will consume them.

Recently there has been a glimpse of justice for the African-American community, when police officer, Matthew Johns was handed a 20-year sentence, after he was indicted on eight felonies for beating 15-year-old Antraveious Payne in 2018.

Antraveious Payne’s mother said her son’s behavior changed for the worse and he started to experience chronic headaches after Johns attacked him.

Johns was indicted by the court on eight felonies, including four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of violation of oath by an officer and two counts of giving false statements for repeatedly kicking and choking a 15-year-old boy until he was unconscious and then lying about it.

On July 10, Johns pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Monday to 20 years with five to serve in prison in connection with the 2016 incidence.

Disturbing dashcam footage revealed Johns beating the Atlanta teenager even when he offered no resistance, but what made the police officer’s case even bizarre is that Matthew had road crash with his cruiser a few weeks prior and was barred from driving, but managed to check out a vehicle and used it to ram another car, then beat the teen and lied about the entire ordeal.

WSB-TV Atlanta reported then that Antraveious Payne and two teenage suspects riding in a stolen car had been given a chase by Zone 3 officers and Georgia State Patrol.

It was in the course of the chase that Johns alighted from his cruiser and kicked Payne in the head. The video also showed he kicked the teen more than once, struck him on his side repeatedly and then was seen kneeling on his neck before punching him in the head while cuffing him.

Investigators were told by John that he thought the teen was reaching for a gun. However one of his supervisors didn’t think his story added up, most especially when the other officers on scene said the three suspects never resisted.

Using the video of the incidence, prosecutors agreed, noting that Payne got out of the car and laid on the ground with his hands up, showing he did not have a weapon and was willing to surrender.

Despite this, Johns still beat the hell out of him until the teen fell unconscious. Payne was beaten so badly by Johns that he was hospitalized with a concussion and suffered multiple lacerations to his face.

After the incidence, Johns was placed on administrative leave according to the report and no action was taken until a new police chief took office and reopened the case.

Johns was then fired. However, he faced no criminal charges for beating a compliant suspect for no reason until more than a year later.

A lawsuit by Payne or his family is likely to emerge which could cost the taxpayers of Atlanta despite Payne breaching the law by riding in a stolen vehicle because of Johns’ excessive use of force.

It does appear Johns actions are not unique as a recent investigation from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution analyzed 184 fatal police shootings in the state of Georgia since 2010 and at least 70 people were shot in the back by police officers according to the data.

Despite the 20-year jail term, there are those who feel it is not enough. Many African Americans believe that he should get more time for his crime and that he should be a scapegoat for the multitude of white-cops violence on Black people in America.

Here we believe that more justice should be done to atone for the many Black men and women who have been killed unjustly by trigger happy white cops in America.



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