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Attorney Says George Floyd’s Killer-Cop Is Innocent Because Of Fentanyl Overdose Found On Floyd

Attorney Says George Floyds Killer Cop Is Innocent Because Of Fentanyl Overdose Found On Floyd

According to the news, we gathered from various News Stations, the attorney representing the officer who killed George Floyd, insists that George Floyd’s death was of his own making because he overdosed on fentanyl while resisting arrest. The attorney absolved the killer-cop of any wrongdoing and argues that the charges brought against the killer-cop should be dropped.

A rookie officer, Thomas Lane has also been absolved of the charges brought against him. He was charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, and also aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s Memorial Day death.

From where we stand and the way things are, those officers who killed Geroge Floyd, will walk away from all this. This is the way America has been. The system will bring up all kinds of technicalities and excuses, to pin the murder of George on George himself, and absolve the officer who knelt on his neck for a very long time, and with an intention to kill.


The court proceeedings can be here on Fox 32.

We will continue to start up for the liberty of all oppressed people in the world. As our name implies, we will write and use our words to stand for liberty, justice, and fairness, in a world that is always in a habit of oppressing Black people.

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