Autopsy Reveals That Jelani Days Vital Organs Were Removed When He Was Murdered – Twitter Demands Justice

Autopsy Reveals That Jelani Day’s Vital Organs Were Removed When He Was Murdered – Twitter Demands Justice

UPDATE: There are two conflicting reports on Day’s missing organs. The first autopsy stated that his organs were missing, while a repeat of the autopsy confirms that the organs were not missing.
We reported this news, with the information we got from the first autopsy, and collaborated by other media sources. We will leave this news up here, till we are 100% sure the first report was completely false, and that there is no form of arm twisting to sell the public a false story.

In the wake of distressing results from Jelani Day’s recent autopsy, social media users are seeking justice for him and his family. An autopsy performed by a private forensic pathologist revealed that Day’s body was missing organs, including his brain, liver, and spleen, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. His eyeballs had been removed, his front top and bottom teeth were missing, his jawbone had been “sawed out,” and his genitalia was unidentified, according to reports.

Day’s organs were “totally liquefied,” according to a pathology report. His family’s attorney, Hallie M Bezner, is currently looking for scientific explanations for how his body may have disintegrated so quickly, according to MEAWW.

On Sept. 23, a body discovered in the Illinois River near Peru, Illinois on Sept. 4 — more than a week after his disappearance on Aug. 24 — was verified to be Day’s. The circumstances surrounding the death and disappearance of the 25-year-old Illinois State University student have since been described as “extremely suspicious” by police.

Day’s mother voiced her dissatisfaction with the lack of media surrounding his disappearance before his body was discovered.

Carmen Day told the Sun-Times, “I was quite unhappy that Jelani hadn’t been getting the coverage.” “Jelani has been missing for a month and a half. It appears that assistance is no longer available. I’m begging, pleading, and requesting that the police continue to seek for my kid.”

The focus of media attention at the time was on missing woman Gabby Petito, of whom Day’s mother said, “Her face is plastered everywhere and the FBI is engaged.” And I’m not sure why Jelani doesn’t get the same amount of coverage; Jelani doesn’t get the same amount of attention.”

#JusticeForJelaniDay began trending on Twitter on Monday (Oct. 11), as individuals pointed out the troubling circumstances surrounding his murder.

“One day, you’ll learn that organ trafficking is just as serious and frightening as sex trafficking.” “You’ll be very startled and appalled if you look into how many BLACK bodies are found with no organs inside of them,” one user remarked. “… According to a report published today regarding Jelani Day, several of his organs were missing from his body. I have a strong suspicion that this young man was subjected to organ trafficking.”

“Jelani didn’t kill himself,” another person tweeted. “His body was discovered with no organs, no eyes, his genitalia was injured, etc. This wasn’t a suicide, he was killed & no one is coming forward.”

Hundreds of Day’s friends, family, and neighbors gathered at Danville High School on Saturday (Oct. 9) to honor his life and impact. Below are some tweets about the autopsy’s findings.

Jelani didn’t kill himself his body was found with no organs no eyes, his genitalia was damaged etc this wasn’t a suicide he was murdered & no one is coming forward #JelaniDay #Murdered #HisFamilyNeedsJustice

— Andre Willis (@AndreWi97229776) October 11, 2021

Bringing this back because an article about Jelani Day today said multiple of his organs was missing from his body. I definitely feel like they organ trafficked this young man

— IVY ❄️ (@ivBEiGE) October 10, 2021

What they did to Jelani has really disturbed my spirit. How is someone even able to do such things??? Demonic on the highest level.

— GINA SNOW (@reginajayee) October 10, 2021

when Jelani Days body was found it was already at the decomposition stage and eyeballs, liver, genitalia, brain and jaw bone were sawed out and is still missing. it doesn’t sit right with me how this young man just lost his life like that as if it meant nothing bro.

— ny. (@misseverywhereg) October 11, 2021

Both Kendrick Johnson & Jelani Day Case is very similar a cop killed Kendrick and covered up all his tracks only something a police can do jelani case is basically cold no leads no evidence everything was wiped clean and tracks was erased only something a cop can do

— Mosthatedd (@LADDY__BEE) October 11, 2021

After a month of “searching” this is how Jelani was found. He had no eyeballs, no face, no scalp, jaw bone sawed out, no ORGANS, not even a liver, and the most craziest of all no brain. Sound familiar like history keeps repeating itself…. His family deserve to know #JELANIDAY

— TJ (@taylorpmarie___) October 9, 2021






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