Baby Falls to His Death from 29th Floor of Harlem Apartment Building Balcony, Witnesses Say Parents Were Arguing Before Fall

Baby Falls to His Death from 29th Floor of Harlem Apartment Building Balcony, Witnesses Say Parents Were Arguing Before Fall

Investigators in New York City are looking into the tragic incident that took the life of a 3-year-old kid. The toddler fell from an apartment balcony over the long Fourth of July weekend after neighbors reported hearing adult fights inside the house.

Residents of the Taino Towers complex in Harlem, which is located on Third Avenue between East 122nd and 123rd Streets, are in grief following the untimely death of Jayce Garcia, one of the building’s young residents.

According to The Associated Press, police were contacted at 11:09 a.m. to look into reports that a small kid had fallen from the terrace on the 29th floor.

Responding cops found the youngster laying on the third-floor scaffolding of the building next door when they arrived and brought him to Harlem Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:30 a.m., less than a half-hour later.

We suspect the child escaped through a window, but how that happened is currently under investigation, the police explain as they speak to neighbors and the child’s parents as they try to piece together what happened.

One neighbor, who lived five stories above the Garcia family, said she heard the boy’s mother Jayda Garcia screaming. Less than ten minutes prior to the event, her children reported having overheard grownups fighting. She remembers hearing the toddler striking the lower platform with a loud “thump.”

“The baby’s body is visible when you gaze out the balcony. He was wearing a T-shirt and diapers, Cordero told the New York Post. Screams can then be heard. The baby was in the scaffolding when I thought I heard the mother screaming and looked.

According to Cordero, who had a relationship with the family, she occasionally assisted the young mother by purchasing milk and diapers for the infant. Jayce was referred to as “a beautiful little boy” by her.  According to some sources, the parents screamed and sobbed hysterically following the event.

Alexander Townsend, who was there to see the mother’s anguish, described her as “sitting on the ground in her socks” and yelling, “My son, my baby, he is up there.”

She admitted to the police that she believed her toddler was playing inside rather than out on the balcony. The youngster fell through the balcony’s normal mosquito net this time because it was not fastened, according to The Sun.

The source adds that the NYPD thinks Jayce stumbled after getting up on a chair to peer out over the balcony.

Concerns about the building owners’ safety have also surfaced, leading some to ask if the netting was meant to protect the terrace windows from situations like these.

According to New York law, owners of properties with three or more units are required to install window guards to keep any residents who are under 10 years old safe. It is unknown if windows on a city building’s terrace have comparable safety features.

Julio Garcia, Jayce’s father, is rumored to have taken initiative to try to save his son. He was seen by onlookers “going downstairs crying” and then making an attempt to scale the scaffolding to reach Jayce in time.

The parents, according to The Mirror, were in the bedroom when the accident occurred. When they could no longer hear the youngster playing, they began to look for him. To their dismay, their son had slipped through the loose mesh mosquito netting that surrounded the balcony.

Tangerine Castro, a different neighbor who lives four levels below the Garcias, described what it was like to learn the child had been wounded in an accident. “It sounded like something really heavy. It sounded like construction.” 

“When we first started looking, everyone immediately began to leave their building. The young boy with the yellow shirt was visible to everyone in the upper floors who could see down. In the scaffolding, he was lying flat. There was a lot of emotion there.

Richard Linares, a member of the community, was outside the building when the fall occurred but did not witness it.

“A loud bang was heard. The boy I was with sprinted to the front. To find the baby, he ran up the scaffold, the man said.

When he arrived, the infant was still crying and breathing, said Linares. “They had a cloth over his face by the time the paramedics took him down.”

Information has come to light as investigators look into the incident. The family’s violent behavior and the child’s frequent “withdrawn” appearance have been reported by neighbors.

While her daughter was “not well at all,” according to his grandma, she had “a normal, loving relationship” with her son and “loved him very much.” Additionally, she shared Cordero’s description of the infant, stating that it “was a really cheerful baby.”

The mother is currently suspected of child neglect and faces a November 2021 accusation of endangering the welfare of a child.

The father has struggled with issues related to abuse, much like the mother. He is linked to nine reports of domestic violence. He is identified as a victim in seven of the cases. It is unknown if Jayda is Julio’s abuser. According to IBTimes, the majority of both of their 2018 lawsuits have subsequently been sealed.

However, these records are in line with the first-hand accounts of locals provided to the media and police in the wake of the tragic event.

Gina Garcia, the child’s aunt, has started a GoFundMe to collect money for his celebration of homegoing celebration. No one is ever prepared for such a difficult time, and with your aid in a donation will be able to help his parents, the campaign reminds the public as it appeals for support.

The family has raised less than $400 of the $50,000 they were expecting to raise for the funeral on July 14 after four days.






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