BBC Documentary Discovers The Original Settlers Of The Americas Had Negroid Features

BBC Documentary Discovers The Original Settlers Of The Americas Had ‘Negroid Features’

The uniqueness of human evolution and translocation lies in that every detail of how we came to be, is recorded in the sands of the earth, and the ocean beds. All we need to do is dig and find the truths for ourselves.

There is practically nowhere on the face of the Earth, that the African man (scientifically described as Negro) did not reach first before other races began to appear.

We say these things, and we are attacked by those who feel we are putting their race down. But in all honesty, we are only trying to state the facts about our history as a people.

In this post, we tracked a documentary done by the BBC, and it gave details of how scientists have discovered ” archeological evidence showing that there was or is a race of people with “Negroid Features” living in what we now call the Americas long before the Native Americans”.

The First Inhabitants of the Americans Were Black 2
Facial reconstruction of 11,500 year old “Luzia Woman” at the National Museum of Brazil 

The documentary stated the possibility of the descendants of these Negroes living among the American population today.

Now this gives credence to the many accounts by various Black historians about Negros who lived in America way before the importation of slaves from Africa.

We will not be making any final conclusions on this particular subject matter, as we are still in research. But we believe that this video should assist many of us in our research, comments, and conclusions.



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