Ben Carson Erroneously Says Critical Race Theory Is Taught To Children & Challenges Mask Wearing In Schools

Ben Carson Erroneously Says Critical Race Theory Is Taught To Children & Challenges Mask-Wearing In Schools

“Why would anyone want to alter from a society that is operating beautifully?” former Trump administration HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson remarked on Sept. 8.

Carson made the remarks during a debate on “Mornings with Maria” regarding children wearing masks in schools after host Maria Bartiromo questioned him about his thoughts on the controversial topic.

Carson remarked, “I identify with the children, particularly the very young children.”

“Because they’re being socialized,” says the narrator. And I don’t mean that they’ve become socialists. I’m talking about figuring out how to function in society.”

Mask regulations have sparked debate across the country, and people’s opinions on the health measure are primarily divided along political lines.

According to an Axios study, 85% of Democrats, 66% of independents, and 32% of Republicans support mask mandates for all kids and employees at their child’s school.

Mask-wearing, according to Carson, may impede children’s social development. “Part of that is being able to read people’s facial expressions and matching them to what they’re saying. If you lose out on that early on, you’ll be severely disadvantaged.”

Carson believes that weighing the benefits and drawbacks of wearing a mask requires a “more scientific, not emotive, and ideological approach.”

The former neurosurgeon added, “And you’re telling them they might pass on some dreadful sickness to their grandmother.”

“Even if they aren’t ill, they could infect their granny. Then, when she passes away, they are filled with guilt.”

Carson believes that the same idea should be applied to critical race theory education in schools.

“Then they’re told, ‘You’re an oppressor,’ and all of your people are oppressors, if they’re white, and if you’re Black, you’re a victim’.

How are you expected to cultivate a positive self-image in those circumstances? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Critical race theory is an intellectual movement that began in the 1960s and is based on the belief that race is a social construct that is exploited to exploit people of color.

It claims that American legal systems are fundamentally racist and contribute to the perpetuation of social, political, and economic inequities, primarily between whites and blacks.

Following the publication of The 1619 Project in The New York Times, schools around the country began to incorporate critical racial theory into their curricula, and many states tried to restrict the teachings, despite widespread criticism.

People who wish to change society by sowing seeds of discomfort, according to Carson, are pushing for vaccinations, masks, and critical race theory.

He stated, “This is coming from those who want to fundamentally transform our country.” ” Why would anyone wish to change from a well-functioning society?… You must persuade folks that none of this is true. Indoctrination begins at a young age.”

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