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Ben Carson’s Name Has Been Removed From A Detroit High School For Doing Trumps Bidding

Ben Carsons Name Has Been Removed From A Detroit High School For Doing Trumps Bidding

Ben Carson, the legendary neurosurgeon, failed to live up to the high expectations that were placed on him when he joined the political camp of U.S. President Donald Trump as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Since entering politics, Carson has made a number of insulting remarks towards minorities, especially African-Americans, among other things. At the beginning of the year 2017, he provoked anger by calling African slaves, who had been forcedly brought to the United States, “immigrants.” This was his first address following his appointment.

Also making news was his decision to slash the HUD budget by $6.8 billion dollars while simultaneously spending $31,000 dollars on a dining set for his office. The most recent source of dissatisfaction was a spike in health and safety inspection failures that affected families who reside in HUD housing, despite promises to fix low-income housing conditions.


According to the Detroit Metro Times, the Detroit Board of Education voted to remove Ben Carson’s name from the Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine as a result of the public’s dissatisfaction.

“He is carrying out Trump’s orders, and his housing policies have had a negative impact on the African American population in Detroit as well as the rest of the country,” Detroit school board member Lamar Lemmons told The Washington Post.

The president of the United States, who claims to be a white supremacist and emits dog whistles that even the deaf can hear, has associated himself with him. The use of Trump’s name on our school’s sign is synonymous with the use of blackface, he continued.

Carson, who is a native of Detroit and attended school in the city until he graduated in 1969, has suffered a significant setback. Nevertheless, Project 21, a black conservative activist group, believes that the move is politically motivated and that Carson deserves to be recognized for his achievements.


“Before Dr. Carson became involved in politics, the Detroit school board had no objections to the naming of the school. Now that he does not conform to the ideal liberal plantation image of a black man and that he is playing a prominent role in the Trump Administration, he offends their hypersensitive, self-righteous, and morally corrupt sensibilities,” the group stated in a press release published by the news organization USA Today.

“A completely political act that intentionally ignores the accomplishments and philanthropic acts of the legendary Detroit native who is now serving as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of the United States… According to the group, “this is yet another misguided attempt by liberals to rewrite history.”

However, despite the fact that Ben Carson did not receive a majority vote, the renaming of the school is scheduled to take place after a series of discussions during the following academic year.

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