Black Chicago Man Called 911 For Help Only To Be Killed Within Seconds Of Arriving By White Officer With A History Of Assault

Black Chicago Man Called 911 For Help Only To Be Killed Within Seconds Of Arriving By White Officer With A History Of Assault


According to records, Alberto Covarrubias, a Chicago cop who shot and killed Michael Craig, a Black man who called 911 with a domestic violence complaint last month, had a history of drinking and had previously been penalized for his on-duty behavior.

According to papers obtained by the Daily Beast, Covarrubias’ most recent incident was the deadly shooting of Craig.


Following Covarrubias’ arrest for a domestic disturbance in March 2016, during which he allegedly “looked to be inebriated,” former superintendent Eddie Johnson filed allegations with the board in 2018 regarding the officer’s capacity to perform his job.

In addition, the officer was accused of threatening another officer and tampering with documentation in a squad car. Covarrubias rejected a breathalyzer test after his detention and was later charged with assault for threatening another officer.

Covarrubias admitted to being “under great levels of stress relating to his profession as a police officer and that he did not drink previous to joining the Police Department,” Johnson said at the time. Covarrubias claimed he was “struck by the poverty, hopelessness, and violence he encountered on a daily basis,” according to him.

Despite being found guilty of all allegations against him, Covarrubias was suspended instead of being dismissed, as Johnson had hoped. His ban was only for three months, and he was reinstated soon after a psychologist approved him for duty after he sought therapy for his drinking issue.

Now, Craig’s family is questioning if Covarrubias was ever truly fit to return to work after the sad incident on Oct. 4, when the officer arrived at Craig’s home in the early morning hours.

During a news conference, the family’s attorney, Michael Oppenheimer, said, “[The officer] somehow convinced this [police] board that he was all set to go and fit for duty.” “He was unfit for duty, a risk to the community, unfit for duty, and incapable of handling a firearm,” the superintendent added.

Craig dialed 911 to report that his wife was holding a knife to his throat while he laid in bed. Craig’s little son had run to a neighbor to tell them, and they had also phoned the cops. When the cops arrived, the little child met them outside and told them what was going on. Covarrubias was seen coming up the stairs to Craig’s apartment, where he and his wife were bickering, according to body camera footage.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, the officer pulled out his Taser and firearm almost immediately after arriving on the scene and discharged both weapons while entering the bedroom, hitting Craig. When Craig attempted to sit up, Covarrubias fired again. “My dad sat there like a dog and died,” Craig’s older son Patrick Jenkins told reporters.

Because the investigation into the incident is still underway, the officer has not been charged.







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