Black Entrepreneur Who Received $596k To Start A Deluxe Salon In Detroit

Black Entrepreneur Who Received $596k To Start A Deluxe Salon In Detroit

Katrina Wilson has received funds to fulfill her dreams of owning an all-inclusive luxury hair salon, which she named Crème Brûlée, it will be like no other in downtown Detroit.

According to, the passionate entrepreneur started her styling career at only 13 years of age, working from her Grandmother’s basement. At 16, she took it a step further by earning her cosmetology license.

Subsequently, she started working at a beauty salon, and soon enough, she became a platform artist and celebrity stylist. An endorsement from Paul Mitchell was the highlight of her career. Paul Mitchell is the hair industry’s most recognized brand.

Katrina had dreams of owning a salon, her vision was to build a plush salon that would serve clients like celebrities irrespective of their hair texture, or ethnicity, thankfully, she has received the necessary support to bring her dreams to life.

According to, she received $170,000 from different sources, and she further worked in collaboration with QT Business Solutions to receive $426,000 in microloans. She also didn’t have to pay for space as she won the Space Award from the Motor City Match Program, which helps entrepreneurs from Detroit find and develop their business space.

Katrina is currently renovating and setting up her space, and Crème Brûlée would be all set up for business this year in downtown Detroit. It will be the premier and only celebrity salon that caters to the beauty needs of diver’s people within the fast-paced commercial community.

Visit to learn more about Crème Brûlée Salon. 

It is part of our duty here to spread the good news about the successes of our people, in various endeavors, across various continents. We do hope that her story inspires you to reach for more.

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