Black Ex-Cop Starts Bulletproof Vest Line For Adults And Children And Sales Go Up 400%

Black Ex-Cop Starts Bulletproof Vest Line For Adults And Children And Sales Go Up 400%

In a time when Black people have continuously been made targets by trigger happy white cops and civilians, a Black own company has rolled out a fashionable bulletproof vest line, and amazingly they have witnessed a 400% increase in sales.

This tells us how badly Black people fear for their life, and want to be safe trom these trigger happy cops and civilians.

The company’s name is Thyk Skynn, and a background check on the owner, Mike Tyree, shows that he was a police officer for 9years, in the city of Atlanta.

He said that he decided to leave his career as a cop and start the vest business because he felt the urge and need to provide innocent people with a safe way to peacefully protect themselves.

The uniqueness of Thyk Skynn vests is such that it can be worn as a normal attire, while still having the same functions with the best grade of bullet-proofs.

The designers equipped the vests with a ballistic armor panel carrier, where ballistic materials can be placed inside. And they come in various colors and sizes.

The company placed the price for these vests at the range of $325 to an upward of $500.

Research shows that the increase in sales to the tune of 400% began as a result of the resumed senseless shootings of African Americans by police officers; an example is the case of Jacob Blake who was shot 7 times in the back, by a white police officer, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Although this is welcomed news, a lot still needs to be done in rehabilitating the racist white cops and civilians in America. We strongly believe that even though a bulletproof can save a life at one instant, it does not in any way stop a repeated attack or an attempt to take black lives in other forms.

As long as racism and hate against African-Americans still exist in America, we are afraid that the bulletproofs won’t stop continuous attempts to take black lives.

But that been said, weemplore African-Americans to do their best to protect themselves. We shall one day overcome!

For more information about Thyk Skynn, visit or follow the brand on Instagram @ThykSkynn

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