Black Family Subjected To Racial Slur and Monkey Noise Recordings From White Neighbor But Police Say They Cant Take Action

Black Family Subjected To Racial Slur & Monkey Noise Recordings From White Neighbor But Police Say They Can’t Take Action


Authorities in Virginia have said they are unable to press charges against a neighbor who is accused of disturbing a Black family by playing loud music and recording racial slurs and monkey noises.

According to CNN, the Martinez family has lived in their cul-de-sac community in Virginia Beach for roughly five years. However, their hopes of settling there and raising a family in peace were shattered when their neighbor was accused of harassing them on a regular basis.


Jannique Martinez told the news source that their next-door neighbor has been tormenting them with flashing lights and loud music, as well as recordings of racial slurs and monkey noises. “I’m not going to lie, if I had any imagination, this is how it would have turned out, and we would not have bought this house.” Martinez stated, “I would never sign up for this.”

The neighbor, according to the Black woman, began making their lives a living nightmare by flashing lights. They weren’t the only ones who got the short end of the stick.

“We saw some unusual behavior, such as these blinking lights on a sensor,” says the researcher. Martinez recounted, “When my family or any other family goes or returns to their homes, they all start blinking.” “When the sensors are triggered, loud music starts playing. He changes the music depending on whose household is playing it.”

Martinez, who claimed that the neighbor has multiple 24-hour monitoring cameras on his property, said the neighbor lately began playing monkey sounds from his residence. “Instead of music, my husband parked his truck on the roadway in front of his house, which is city property, and started making monkey noises,” she explained.

Martinez claims that the neighbor now plays monkey noises whenever they enter or exit their home. Martinez claimed that things worsened after they repeatedly reported his activities to law enforcement.

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“He’s been playing N—– sketches he found online since that day,” she added, adding that recordings in some of the skits say things like, “Black folks have nothing better to do on a Friday night than go to a comedy club,” and, “Hey everyone, look it’s N—– guy.” “Hello, N—– person,” everyone says.

Despite the neighbor’s conduct, the Virginia Beach Police Department indicated it would be impossible to prosecute him. The Virginia Beach Police Department issued a statement to CNN saying, “The observed conduct has been examined with the City Attorney for potential criminal sanctions; nevertheless, it was found that the behavior, while abhorrent, is not legally actionable.”

Martinez remarked, “He finds ways to stay within the law.” “In the perspective of the law, he can’t be incorrect. He is unconcerned about morals.”

“It’s depressing and hopeless. “I’m completely spent,” she added.

Meanwhile, Martinez told The Virginian-Pilot that she is considering having her children see a therapist. Martinez stated, “I hope the Commonwealth finds a method to safeguard people from circumstances like this.” “It’s crucial to have Black and Brown individuals in your community. If it were the other way around, and [we] were a white family, I believe I would have progressed much faster.”

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