Black Female Officers Sue DC Police Over Sexual Harassment And Racial Discrimination

Black Female Officers Sue DC Police Over Sexual Harassment And Racial Discrimination


Ten Black women who work for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., have launched a class action complaint against the company for mistreating some of their coworkers. According to NBC News, the women officers believe that the department is a hostile atmosphere where racial discrimination and sexual harassment are common, and that officers who complain are frequently harassed, silenced, and pushed to leave the force.

Officer Tiara Brown, for example, stated she resigned from the MPD after being pressured after expressing her concerns about the “racist and sexist” behavior of some of her fellow officers.


Officer Kia Mitchell claims she was thrown out of the department after she complained about a fellow male officer urinating in front of her and other male cops, and Officer Sinobia Brinkley was forced out after she made a “big issue” out of the event.

Officer Tabatha Knight was allegedly “systematically retaliated against and essentially forced out of [the] MPD” when she stated that facility staff lied about crimes that occurred in their areas by manipulating crime records, according to the lawsuit.

Officer Karen Carr, Officer Leslie Clark, Sergeant Tamika Hampton, and Lieutenant LaShaun Lockerman are among the Black women cops who have filed complaints against the MPD.

The ten plaintiffs allege that after reporting their events to the Equal Employment Office, they discovered that the “EEO Director was conspiring with management,” showing them excerpts of taped interviews with the ladies before interrogation by investigators.

The suit went on to say that “even worse, investigative reports containing charges of racism and sexism were frequently altered and fraudulently amended to exonerate management personnel.” “The MPD EEO Department has not substantiated a single accusation of racism or gender discrimination in four years.”

Attorney Pam Keith is now demanding that the MPD pay the policemen named in the lawsuit $100 million. She’s also asking for the establishment of a special master to oversee the EEO’s activities. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, any charges against them are taken seriously, and they “shall be properly reviewed and responded to accordingly.”






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