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Black Girl Faces Life In Prison For Killing Pedophile Who Molested Her

Black Girl Faces Life In Prison For Killing Pedophile Who Molested Her

It is surprising the kind of treatment Black people get when the time comes for justice to be served to those who persecute them. The news of a 19-year-old sex trafficking victim, who is now facing a life sentence for killing the man who violated her, is one that beats one’s imaginations.

The girl, Chrystul Kizer, according to police, was among around 12 girls that were trafficked, raped and filmed (without their consent) by a white male Randy Volar. Reports reveal that the police were in possession of the videos about 4 months before Randy was shot by his victim.

The serial rapist and child molester, Randy Volar, was arrested by the police at the beginning of 2018. The charges he was arrested for were child enticement. He used his computer to carryout child sex crimes, and also what the police called “second-degree sexual” assault of a child.


The police were able to collect video and photo evidence in which he was seen sexually abusing many underage girls, including his killer, Chrystul Kizer. What surprised the victims, their families and the public was the fact that he was released by the police the very next day. He left the police custody without bail. He walked right back and continued raping and molesting more girls.

The reason why the police released such an offender without bail is one fact that we will be glad to share with you when we find it out!

5 months later, Chrystul Kizer, took the law into her own hands and killed her rapist. Reports say she shot him two times in his head and then set his body on fire. She then drove away from the scene with his BMW. The police discovered her through the BMW near Milwaukee. After a tedious interrogation, she confessed to killing her Randy Volar.

It’s amazing how the same District Attorney Michael Graveley, that refused to bring Randy Volar to justice for his heinous crimes against these girls, somehow found power and voice and charged the molested Chrystul Kizer with first-degree murder. The charges against Kizer carries a potential life sentence, with the argument from the District attorney being that the murder was premeditated.


What a world we live in!

The report says that the same District attorney’s office has made an attempt to bury the evidence of abuse by Randy Volar from the defense – their argument was that the videos and pictures of Volar molesting young girls were not important and relevant to the case of his killing.

You can imagine such cunningness and wickedness!

During her defense, the battered Kizer said that she was drugged by Volar on the very night she killed him. He was trying to force himself on her and rape her, and she shot him in self-defense. In December 2019, the judge in charge of the case made a ruling stating that Kizer would not be able to use an “affirmative defense”. The “affirmative defense” is a law that permits the victims of sex trafficking to lay claim to self-defense in cases such as this.

In a report by Washington Post, the girl Chrystul Kizer and her molester Volar had met online on an escorting website and started what seemed like a consensual relationship, even though she was a minor at 16 years old. In the report, Washington Post said that Volar was very generous to her – he gave her expensive gifts and money. After getting her to relax, he started to be more controlling of her and started to pimp her out to people who will sleep with her for money. And when she tried to move away from him, he became aggressive and violent towards her.


In an interview, she told investigators that “He had started to talk violent and stuff. I was going to stop talking to him, and he said if I did that he was going to kill me.”

She got the gun she used in killing Volar from another man, who gave it to her for her protection, in case he tried to follow through with his threats.

She said that she returned to Volar’s home because she didn’t trust Nelson (the man who gave her the gun) anymore. While she was there, he drugged her and started to molest her. She said she didn’t remember clearly the events that followed, but she knows that the gun went off, and the bullet hit him. She confessed that she didn’t burn the house down – stating that the fire must-have started somehow before the police arrived at the scene.

The police searched Volar’s home and they found a huge amount of child exploitation videos and photos. One of the videos had him having sex with two girls who were as young as 12. During investigations, $1.5 million in the transfer was discovered in his bank account. This huge amount is tied to his activities trafficking and child pornography.


At the end of the day, we are hoping that Chrystul Kizer won’t be sent to jail, as it is clear to every unbiased person that she was only defending herself.

Child molesters are a different brand of evil in this world. The law should be able to fish them out and jail them. But in a case like this, when the law let the rapists go free, we are left to wonder the fate of these innocent girls whose lives and future are destroyed.

We hope that Chrystul Kizer and many other girls going through this kind of evil will find salvation and healing. Our heart goes out to them.

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