Black Grammy-Nominated Songwriter Shot Many Times In Road Rage Incident, Family Believe It Was Racially Motivated

Black Grammy-Nominated Songwriter Shot Many Times In Road Rage Incident, Family Believe It Was Racially Motivated

A White man shot a Black man numerous times in a road rage incident, requiring the victim to undergo multiple operations. The victim’s family said they believe the crime was racially motivated. Apparently, the incident took place on June 30.

Wade McEwan, a White suspect who is 61 years old, reportedly opened fire on Jason Daxon at an Acworth intersection, according to WSB Radio. Following the incident, McEwan was detained and now faces numerous charges, including aggravated assault, reckless behavior, and reckless driving.

Daxon’s family expressed their belief that the shooting was more than just a case of road rage in an interview with the media outlet. Daxon’s fiancee, Angeline Peterson, described the act of assault as “simply a mindless racist act of violence.”

Peterson stated that she found it hard to understand how a traffic incident might incite someone to open fire from the driver-side window of another automobile.

According to Peterson, the shooter “simply shot through his own window into Jason’s car: he attempted to murder him, he tried to kill him.” “He wasn’t attempting to provoke this man in any way; all he was doing was trying to pass him on the road,” the witness said.

According to the authorities, Daxon’s car received at least 14 gunshot wounds. The back and arm of the Black victim were struck. Peterson added that the incident took place a short distance from their house.

On Facebook, a video of the shooting was posted. Additionally, witnesses captured on camera the White suspect fleeing after shooting at Daxon. “It’s just hard, to see my loved one and to know that my child’s father, has no idea what’s going on,” Peterson said, adding that the incident has negatively impacted their life.

According to WSB Radio, Daxon is a Grammy-nominated lyricist. After being signed by a major label in Atlanta, the 25-year-old also intended to advance his career. The scheduled picture sessions, interviews, and other activities abruptly ended, according to Peterson.

According to the doctors, Daxon won’t be able to stand up again for several months. Since then, Daxon’s wife has established a GoFundMe to raise money for the family.






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