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Black Lives Matter Utah President Relocates Over Alleged Death Threats From White Supremacists

Black Lives Matter Utah President Relocates Over Alleged Death Threats From White Supremacists

Lex Scott, the president of the Utah Black History Museum and the Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter, stated on Facebook on Sunday that she was stepping down from both posts and had migrated to another state for her and her family’s safety.

Scott, who is also the creator of the Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter, came under fire in July for a contentious remark she made on the group’s Facebook page concerning the American flag. The activist also stated that she had received death threats as a result of her position.

Despite the fact that the threats aren’t new to Scott, she said she grew exhausted “when someone attempted to get over” her fence.


“Rather than protecting myself, I relaxed my body and told myself that I wished they’d hurry up and finish it. I had no desire to fight back. “The exhaustion of being on defense had taken its toll on me,” Scott said, adding that she didn’t want to endanger her family.

“I wasn’t expecting someone to harm my family, either. They’re amazing. They are not deserving of this life. When a death threat comes through, this life of living in hotels all the time becomes unbearable. Massive security processes have become commonplace. To avoid a pipe bomb being hurled through her window, I had to relocate my daughter’s bedroom.

“This isn’t life. And that is something that my family should not have to go through,” she stated.

In July, the activist garnered the wrath of some after sharing a Facebook post that referred to the American flag as “a symbol of hatred,” according to ABC4.


“When we see this flag, we know the person flying it is not someone we want to be around. When we see this flag, we know the person who is flying it is a racist,” Scott stated under a photo of the American flag in his July 4 post. “We know the person flying this flag lives in a different America than we do when we see it. We doubt your intelligence when we see this flag. We know to stay away from you. It’s a symbol of hatred.”

A variety of people, including the state’s governor and Rep. Burgess Owens, quickly slammed Scott’s remarks. In response to her post, the NAACP issued a statement. Despite the outrage, Scott stood by her post, telling ABC4: “Every time we hold a demonstration, we are surrounded by armed white men with firearms and American flags who hurl racial slurs at us.” Every time we get hate mail or death threats, it’s from someone who has a profile photo of an American flag on it.”

“Every time we experience hostility, it comes from someone flying an American flag,” she continued. And I want people to think about how they would feel about the American flag if everyone who despised them was flying it.

Scott disclosed in a Sunday post that she and her family have since moved to a “all black” city where they are accepted. “I’ve always felt unattractive in Utah. People stop to compliment me here. They describe me as attractive. She wrote, “They say I’m pretty.” Despite this, she said that she will miss Utah.


Scott announced that Rae Duckworth will take over as president of the Utah Chapter of Black Lives Matter, and Mario Mathis will take over as president of the Utah Black History Museum.

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