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Black Louisville Woman Dies In Police Custody, And Her Family Is Now Demanding Justice [Ta’Neasha Chappell]

Black Louisville Woman Dies In Police Custody, And Her Family Is Now Demanding Justice [Ta'Neasha Chappell]

Another Black woman gone! Another soul lost to the system of oppression!

After their daughter died in police custody, a black family is hunting for answers.

Ta’Neasha Chappell died after being held in Jackson County Jail in Brownstown, Indiana, and being transferred to Schneck Memorial Hospital last Friday, according to a report published by WDRB in Louisville, Ky. on July 18. She was 23 years old at the time. There’s no word on what caused her hospitalization and death at this time.


Chappell has been in jail since May 26, when she was busted for shoplifting. Chappell’s family is seeking justice in the wake of her death. “It’s disturbing; we want justice; we want answers; we have a lot of questions and no answers,” says Chappell’s sister Ronesha Murrell, who remembers her wonderful personality and sense of humor.

In another section of the article, Murrell says, “My mother hasn’t even been able to authenticate the body.” “How come she hasn’t been able to verify the body?” she wonders. “They refuse to respond to our questions.”

Donte Chappell, Chappell’s father, believes race may have played a role in her murder, and he fears something unusual is going on. “Because she was the only Black female in that jail, I believe there was some foul play involved,” he says.

Lavita McCain, Chappell’s mother, claims that Chappell called them to indicate something was wrong. “She called several times, repeatedly saying, ‘They’re going to kill me.’ McCain expresses regret for not being able to pay Chappell’s bond of $4,007.


Chappell’s death has prompted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to notify Indiana State Police to launch an investigation.

Chappell’s family will continue to seek justice while reflecting on the tragedy that has befallen them. “She was well-known across Louisville. If not Ta’Neasha, people knew her as Big Joint, B Jizzle, Bug — she has a daughter… she’s ten,” Murrell says. “She was just brimming with life.”

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