Black Man Charged With Murder For Defending Himself From White Racists Who Attacked Him

Black Man Charged With Murder For Defending Himself From White Racists Who Attacked Him

The 21-year-old college student, named William Marcus Wilson, has been charged and jailed, after fatally shooting at a truckload of hostile and angry racists, who tried to run him off the road.

The confrontation took place in the town of Statesboro, in Georgia.

The white racists, were said to have chased down William, while also shouting racial slurs and him and his girlfriend, who is white.

The event took place late night, on the 14th of June, when William and his girlfriend went out for a late-night drive to Taco Bell.

After they had gotten their food, and drove off, they noticed a truck started to follow them, with the white occupants shouting racial slurs and attemting to run them off the road, in a manner that would result in a drastic/fatal accident.

William and his girlfriend said that the truck was playing music from a movie called “The Purge”. The movie is about a lawless night every year when people are all encouraged to go kill with violence and urge the nation of unwanted people.

William at that point believed his life was in danger, so he fired off a warning shot.

This led to the death of Haley Hutcheson, a 17-year-old, who was riding in the truck.

William was charged with one count of felony murder and one count of aggravated assault.

Defense attorneys said that William should be held to the same legal standards as white defendants who cite Georgia’s Stand Your Ground laws.

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