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Black Man, Eric Cole, Dies After Being Shot And Run Over By A Police Car In Springfield, Ohio

Black Man Eric Cole Dies After Being Shot And Run Over By A Police Car In Springfield Ohio

More information of a Black man who died after being shot and then driven over by a police car in Springfield, Ohio, has been disclosed by autopsy reports and bodycam video. Eric Cole died early on Monday (June 14), and his family is now demanding that the police department be held accountable.

Cole dialed 911 at 11:15 p.m. local time on Sunday, according to WHIO-TV (June 13). After being shot, the man told dispatchers he was “in the middle of the street” and “ready to die.”

Officer Amanda Rosales was dispatched to the shooting scene. “They just hit me,” Cole recounted as he kept on the phone with dispatchers.


The operator inquired, “Who hit you?”

He said, “The cops.”      

Cole was shot in the back of his left arm, according to autopsy results released on Thursday (June 17). The bullet entered “through the skin and soft tissue.” He suffered abrasions on his back and lower chest, as well as torso blunt force trauma and internal bleeding. His sternum, as well as many ribs, were broken. Cole “may have been struck by a vehicle and [was] shot in the left arm,” according to the report, but the cause of death was not specified.

Rosales was identified as the officer who struck Cole with her police cruiser by Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf on Wednesday (June 16).


“It was an accident,” says the narrator. It does not imply that it is acceptable. He stated, “It was an accident.” “This was not a deliberate act on the officer’s behalf. That is something I am certain of. The lead cop was trying to catch the addresses on the house, according to what we’re gathering together thus far (remember, this is all under investigation). As you can see from the recordings, Eric was lying in the roadway and the cop did not notice him.”

He continued, “This is a tough issue, and we’re attempting to gather facts.”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is currently conducting an investigation into the incident. In addition, the Springfield Police Department is launching an internal investigation into the shooting and wreck.

“We thought the gunmen who shot him ran him over, but it was the Springfield Police Department.” So, obviously, we’re upset,” Cole’s cousin stated at a press conference on Wednesday. “We’re all in a bad mood.”


The NAACP’s Springfield chapter also issued a statement, stating that they will be involved in the probe.

“We’ll make sure there’s no secrecy. That is a necessary aspect of our profession. Denise Williams, Chapter President, stated, “We will have every piece of paper with the information on it.”

Rosales is on paid administrative leave pending the result of the probe, according to reports.

This News was first reported on Revolt.Tv


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