Black Man Found Buried Under Septic Tank After Employers Lies About His Whereabouts In Oklahoma

Black Man Found Buried Under Septic Tank After Employer’s Lies About His Whereabouts In Oklahoma


Last month, Daniel Joseph Triplett, an Oklahoma business owner, was arrested on suspicion of murdering his employee, Brent Mack and burying him under a septic tank.

According to court filings, the search for the missing man began in September when Mack’s daughter, Raychelle Wilson, reportedly contacted Triplett over Facebook Messenger to inquire about her father’s whereabouts.


Mack was fired, according to Triplett, because of his alleged “violent demeanor.” In a since-deleted internet text, Triplett told Wilson that he let Mack off outside a nearby laundromat after handing him “$1000 as severance compensation.”

“When Lieutenant Bruning inquired about the sites where Dan dropped Mack off, Dan stated that he had changed the location several times.

Dan was shown a copy of the videotape that showed him speeding by the Holiday Laundry without stopping. When confronted with the story’s discrepancies, Dan became red-faced and agitated, according to the affidavit.

Additional surveillance tape, according to police, shows both Triplett and Mack working on a septic tank on Sept. 20 — the same day Mack was reported missing — at a home near Mulhall, Oklahoma, rather than Crescent, as Triplett initially claimed.

The property owner acknowledged to authorities that the job Triplett claimed he did with Mack on the day he went missing was really completed on Sept. 7.

A search warrant was conducted at Triplett’s residence, according to law enforcement officials, and officers discovered a statement book for a client on E. County Road 69, who identified both Triplett, who is white and Mack, who is black, turning up to build a septic tank.

Mack was seen climbing inside the hole dug for the septic tank but never exiting it on video. Only one employee remained once the task was completed, according to the client. Mack’s body was discovered after detectives dug up the tank.

“On October 22, 2021, Agent Woodward received notification from the Medical Examiners officer that a projectile had been discovered in the chest cavity with an entry wound in the upper left back,” police claimed.

Wilson told KFOR that her father and Triplett, who is 66 years old, “had a love-hate relationship.” “He just kept telling my father lies like, ‘Oh, I’m going to give you this company and you’re going to take over,’” Wilson said. “My father saw all of Dan’s sides, the good, the terrible, and the ugly, so he was aware of everything Dan was doing that he wasn’t supposed to be doing.”

Triplett is now being held without bond at the Logan County Jail. He was charged with one count of first-degree murder as well as the destruction of a human body.







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