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Black Man Saves Infant Twin Daughters From Burning House, GoFundMe Raises Over $200K

Black Man Saves Infant Twin Daughters From Burning House, GoFundMe Raises Over $200K

Despite not being able to see what was in front of him, a Michigan dad ran inside his burning home last Saturday and rescued two infant daughters purely on recollection.

After Ray and his twin daughters Malaysia and Milan sustained severe burns and their home was ruled unlivable, a GoFundMe for Ray Lucas’ family has raised nearly $220,000 in just five days.

The 23-year-old father and his wife, Shi’Ann Brown, went out to conduct an errand, and when they returned, their house was on fire, with relatives staying with the children. The family lost “everything” in the fire, according to the GoFundMe, and Lucas is “worried because he cannot go back to work owing to the nature of his injuries.”

“The house was completely covered in smoke, and I saw my mother and niece standing at the door, frantic,” Lucas told Fox 2.

Despite everything, Lucas told the channel that he “had to get my babies out.”

He explained, “You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.” “I only located my babies because of my recollection, just knowing where they were and how to get to them because I took the same way every time.”

The man’s face had burns when he was interviewed on camera by the channel, and he said he was briefly blind for three days. Both of his girls suffered burns as a result of the incident, and they spent time in the ICU.

“Please help us to Bless this young man, the infants, and their mother Shi’Ann so that they may obtain a new home, and restore and furnish a new home environment for the family to live,” the GoFundMe says, adding that the family needs aid with both medical bills and relocating.

“If anyone can help, it would be fantastic,” Lucas told Fox 2.

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