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Black People Must Vote In 2020 Election, Says Tamika Mallory & AL Sharpton

Black People Must Vote In 2020 Election Says Tamika Mallory AL Sharpton

Black People Must Vote In 2020 Election Says Tamika Mallory AL Sharpton

At the National Urban League Conference, Al Sharpton and Tamika Mallory stressed the importance of the 2020 elections, and how important it is for every Black person to exercise their right to vote. 

The National Urban League Conference, held at the Indiana Convention Centre featured a plethora of speakers including Sharpton and Mallory, who spoke at a panel titled “Unleashed: The Untapped Power of the Black Vote.”

“We must control the message in the 2020 election, otherwise, we will not be part of the discussion,” Sharpton said. “Politicians need to have answers to our questions. If we don’t make them answer them, we will be marginalized and ignored.”

Mallory, who is the co-founder of the Women’s March, discussed how pivotal taking action and showing up to vote can be.

tamika mallory 1
Tamika Mallory

“These are very, very significant times for us as people of color particularly,” Mallory said. “And so, this conversation around unleashing our untapped power ultimately means that we have not yet been able to reach our full potential in terms of going to the polls.

“It’s important that we’re not just yelling in the streets, but that we’re also moving policy and making changes within our society. They say that politicians care about money and votes. And so, if some of us don’t have money, we definitely have a vote. And we know that we must use it so that our voices are heard.”

Some other speakers at the conference include presidential aspirant, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and, Bill de Blasio.

al sharpton 1
Al Sharpton

This news comes at a time when Black people are rising up at all corners against the social, political, and ideological discrimination and oppression they face in America, and around the world.

It has been observed that Black people oftentimes do not care about the political process and governance. They just want to live their lives and fight discrimination and oppression on their own. But they forget that if they do not put the right people (their own people) in power, their cries will fall on deaf ears.

Man is a political being. Politics is found in the family unit, church, school, and other social circles of life. In this modern era, democracy has created a way for people to have a voice in who leads them and how he/she leads them.


There are a million cases that the Black society in America needs its leaders to attend to. They span from racism to economic policies that take money away from the Black communities. These issues can be tackled socially, yes. But political power is needed to give them the much-needed drive and solutions.

As the 2020 presidential elections in America comes up, there is perceived tensions about the return of Donald Trump. Many in the Black community think he is racist, while others think he did better for the Black community more than Obama.

Whatever it is your opinion is about Trump or any other politician for that matter, you owe it to yourself to make your stand and choice known, by voting. That is your bargaining card, and you must use it well to demand accountability from your leaders.

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