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Black Woman Found Dead After Date With Older White Man, Police Says The Man Can’t Be Investigated

Black Woman Found Dead After Date With Older White Man Police Says The Man Cant Be Investigated

After their daughter, a 23-year-old Connecticut woman, was found dead at her home after a date with an older White guy, her parents are seeking further information from the authorities. Lauren Smith-Fields was discovered lifeless at her home on December 12, according to News 12 Westchester. Later, she was pronounced dead.

According to the dead woman’s parents, she was a track athlete at Stamford High School and a cosmetology student at Norwalk Community College. Her cause of death has yet to be revealed by the medical examiner.

“Without a doubt, we know that my daughter was not a drug user,” Smith-Fields’ father said. “I had a second autopsy paid for out of pocket because we were so uncomfortable with the way it was handled.”


Her family also claimed that an “older white man” their daughter met on a dating app was the one who notified authorities of her death. When Smith-Fields’ brother asked police for information about the White man, he was assured that the man was a nice guy who wouldn’t be investigated.

The sole law enforcement officer they had contact with after their daughter died, according to the deceased woman’s father, was a “very insensitive, condescending, and arrogant detective.”

According to News 12 Westchester, Councilwoman Maria Pereira also demanded that the police apologize to Smith-Fields’ family. “She sent a really well-written email – it was lengthy, extensive, and extremely informative – and I was surprised when she informed me only yesterday, she hadn’t received a response,” Pereira said.

The city of Bridgeport issued a statement in response to the allegations, stating that Smith-Fields’ death is still being investigated. “These issues are taken extremely seriously by the Bridgeport Police Department. The Detective Bureau’s Command Staff is assessing the case’s treatment to ensure that the best procedures were and are being followed, according to the statement.


“It’s important to emphasize that Lauren Smith-Fields’ death is still under investigation. Our department sends its heartfelt sympathies to Lauren’s family.”

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