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Black Woman Gets Fined $385 For Talking After White Woman Called Cops On Her

Black Woman Gets Fined $385 For Talking After White Woman Called Cops On Her

Diamond Robinson claims she was on the phone while walking through Eastpointe on Thursday when her white neighbor requested her to talk quietly.

Robinson claims she walked past her and urged her to “get out of my face.” Three minutes later, Eastpointe Police arrived on the scene.

Robinson went live on Facebook when three Eastpointe police officers drew up to her front door and urged her to return inside.


Robinson was ticketed $385 for being a ‘public nuisance’ after police said she was being too loud and ‘obnoxious.’

Robinson told Fox 2 that she intends to appeal the ticket and that the incident has prompted her to install security cameras outside her home as a result of the incident.

The white neighbor remained silent, except to observe that Robinson’s good taste’speaks for itself.’

A $385 fine was levied on a black lady talking on the phone in her Detroit neighborhood after a white neighbor called the cops on her for being too loud.


On Thursday, while out walking in Eastpointe, Diamond Robinson was on the phone when she was approached by a neighbor who requested, ‘Do you think you could get off the phone or talk lower?’ According to Robinson, who spoke to Fox 2 News.

Robinson posted on Facebook that her neighbor, whom she referred to as “Rebecca,” warned her she was chatting too loudly while working from home, and that her boss inquired about the noise.

Robinson walked passed her and said, “Get out of my face.” Eastpointe police arrived at the scene three minutes later, she told Fox 2.

Robinson was advised by Eastpointe police to return to her home because she was being too loud and ‘obnoxious.’


Robinson was issued a $385 ticket for being a ‘public nuisance,’ which she refused to accept and had placed in her mailbox.

That’s when Robinson took out her phone and went live on Facebook.

‘I hope I’m not the next Black Lives Matter victim, but if I am, f*** it because I’m going to do whatever the f*** I want,’ she captioned the video.

Robinson recorded the moment three Eastpointe police officers approached her home and instructed her to return inside because she was being too loud and ‘obnoxious.’


Robinson claims that she pays property taxes in the area.

When an officer informs her that she may be arrested for being too loud, she inquires as to what specific legislation states that she is not permitted to talk on the phone in her own neighborhood.

After Robinson declined to take the ticket, the cops walked away and returned with a $385 fine for being a “public nuisance,” which they placed in Robinson’s mailbox.

The cops left after she jokingly told them, “I hope you have a miserable day, don’t work too hard.”


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