BLM Are The True Racists Said Former Board Member At Timberlands Parent Company In A Leaked Email

BLM Are The ‘True Racists’ Said Former Board Member At Timberland’s Parent Company In A Leaked Email

After devastating emails were revealed on Friday, Sept. 3, in which she dubbed the Black Lives Matter movement “the actual racists,” a board member of one of the nation’s top apparel firms, which includes brands like Timberland and The North Face, stepped down from her board seat.

Veronica Wu, a Silicon Valley investor, resigned from the board of directors of VF Corporation on Tuesday, September 7. The company owns Vans, North Face, and Jansport, among other brands, and is one of the top apparel firms in the United States.

According to Axios, who got the records, Wu commented on her former employer’s announcement that Juneteenth will be observed as a company holiday.

Last year, Congress tried to make Juneteenth National Independence Day, the longest-running Black celebration commemorating the end of slavery in Texas, a federal holiday.

Wu claimed she was unaware of the occasion. Wu said she was “especially not supportive” after more explanation and an emphasis that other companies were also marking the day because of the country’s increasing focus on racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“I don’t believe in Black Lives Matter,” she allegedly wrote. If anything, I believe they are actual racists seeking to stir up trouble in order to push our country toward socialism or perhaps communism.”

Earlier this year, VF Corporation initiated an inquiry, discovered the emails, and determined that they were “legitimate.” “Wu’s decision to resign from the Board was not the consequence of any disagreement with VF on any topic relating to VF’s operations, policies, or practices,” they told the source.

It wasn’t the first time Wu had said something like that. One of Hone Capital’s former workers alleged that “she would say ‘the reason you don’t see African Americans in tech is because they’re lazy and don’t work,” referring to the firm’s zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.

Wu has yet to make a public statement about the event.

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