Bodycam Footage Captures Houston Cop Fatally Shooting Jalen Randle Just After Asking Him To Show His Hand

Bodycam Footage Captures Houston Cop Fatally Shooting Jalen Randle Just After Asking Him To Show His Hand

A video just released by the Houston Police Department shows an officer fatally shooting a Black man moments after he was pulled over for multiple warrants. The footage depicts the cop’s split-second choice to shoot, a fatal action that one lawyer says was carried out too soon.

On Tuesday, May 24, human rights attorney Ben Crump shared 27-second bodycam footage of Jalen Javon Randle’s April 27 police-involved killing on Twitter. He claims that the officer, Shane Privette, used up his handgun before his client’s family member could comply with a directive.

He claims, and the video backs him up, that the demand to comply was made while Privette was discharging his pistol, and he described the footage as “heartbreaking.”

“While devastating for Jalen Randle’s family, this footage gives us a clearer picture of what happened to Jalen in his final moments,” he says in a press release.

“He’s running!” Privette shouts as he exits his patrol vehicle on 8700 Josie Street, according to the sequence depicted in the video. He’s on the run!”

He then tries to tell Randle to show him his hands, but fires before saying “hands.” He blasts Randle in the back of the neck and stands there watching him collapse before shouting, “oh, sh-t!” as if astonished.

Assistant Chief Hardin stated his office is sharing this critical incident briefing ahead of a completed investigation to share with the public evidence relating to the incident where Randle’s life was lost at the hands of a police officer in a 10:32 minute composite video provided by the HPD.

“The purpose of this critical incident briefing is to give you information concerning an officer-involved shooting that occurred in Houston on April 27th, 2022,” he explained.

He informed the public that his agency will undertake a thorough inquiry of the officer involved in the incident, claiming that this is standard procedure.

“These typically require investigators to interview multiple witnesses, view numerous hours of video footage, and analyze a significant amount of forensic evidence,” Hardin said before warning the public that officials are “in the very early stages of the investigation” and warning viewers of the “graphic” nature of the shooting while admitting it will be “difficult” to watch the shooting.

Randle was wanted by police on the day of the murder because he was wanted on three felony warrants. Around 2:45 p.m., cops on assignment spotted the suspect enter the passenger side of a silver vehicle.

When the SUV pulled over, the officers pursued it, flashing their lights and sirens in an attempt to entice the SUV to stop. The driver, on the other hand, did not, and he was eventually arrested for his role in the tragedy.

Officers employed a “pursuit intervention technique” to bring the vehicle to a halt, and Randle rushed out of the vehicle holding a zipped bag in one hand, ready to leave. According to the footage, he was shot before he could flee, which corresponds to the police report.

According to police, they saw him reach into the truck and told him to reveal his hands before shooting him. The footage, on the other hand, contradicts that aspect of the official police report.

Hardin claims that the cops attempted to help Randle before transporting him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Despite his unable to move or reply, they cuff him following the shot, according to the footage. It takes almost a minute for help to arrive.

It also shows one police checking in and asking if the officer who shot the suspect was “good.”

Crump claims he was shot without authorities “giving Jalen NO time to comply before killing him!” in a Facebook post. He was then HANDCUFFED, searched, and dragged across the ground by police to administer aid.”

Officers located a gun in the bag that Randle slipped from his hand after being fatally shot by Privette during the search, according to Hardin.

As he approached Randle on the ground, the officer never lowered his rifle, according to the footage. Other cops continue to speak about Randle as if he is moving, claiming that they are apprehending him right now.

Officers are directed to “drag” him while he is cuffed and unresponsive. They drag him across the grass and concrete, squeezing him and seating him in his own blood. It isn’t until 45 seconds into the video that one cop is directed to get his medical kit out, and no one asks, “Where was he hit?”

“The brutality depicted in this video is highly shocking,” Crump said, “from the officer firing a deadly shot while apparently ordering Jalen to put his hands up to the manner they tied and dragged his lifeless body across the ground… This officer must be held accountable as soon as possible.”

This isn’t the first time this cop has been accused of employing excessive or cruel force on the job.

According to KTRK, Privette was indicted by a grand jury in 2019 for allegedly kneeing a narcotics suspect in the face. She is currently on administrative leave. Those charges were later dropped against him.

Houston’s Special Investigations Unit, Internal Affairs Division, and the Harris County district attorney’s office are all investigating Jalen Randle’s death.






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