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Breaking News: Nigerian Government Has Ordered All Schools To Shut Down To Prevent CoronaVirus Spread

Breaking News Nigerian Government Has Ordered All Schools To Shut Down To Prevent CoronaVirus Spread

News just reaching our team is that the Federal government of Nigeria, through the Federal Ministry of Education, has ordered all primary, secondary, and tertiary schools all over Nigeria, to shut down, and for students to return home and stay at home. This is because of the outbreak of the coronavirus round the world, and the need for preventive measures in Nigeria.

The ministry of health, which has been on top of the coronavirus pandemic, has said that this directive from the Federal Government is part of a proactive measure to limit and contain the spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria.

In a report by PREMIUM TIMES, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Sunny Echono, confirmed the news, on the night of Thursday, 19th, March. Although the Permanent secretary did not explicitly inform them if the schools were to be vacated immediately, or next week.


He informed Premium Times that the complete details of the closure of schools will be sent out this Friday, 20th, March. We will update this news once we get the full details.

The Ministry of Education has also ordered that the 104 Unity Schools in Nigeria should close on the 26th of March. All of these steps are to prevent their pupils and students from being victims of a possible spread of the coronavirus.

The virus which has created so much panic in the world has seriously damaged the economies, social and political spheres of many nations of the world. Nigeria, being the largest black nation in the world is only doing its best to protect its people, economy, society, and space.

Although there has been a very insignificant number of positive cases, people should do their best to take preventive measures. This is because in a country as huge as Nigeria, with little or no advanced medical care facilities, a massive outbreak will be very devastating.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit over 140 countries of the world. The number of people infected is above 200,000 and thousands of them have died from this virus. The coronavirus which is now classified as a pandemic has really shaken the world, and all around the world is really hoping that is found soon.


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