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Cambridge: World Must Prepare For Biological Weapons Targeting Ethnic Groups

Cambridge Says World Must Prepare For Biological Weapons Targeting Ethnic Groups 1

As the world advances in science, medicine, and technology, we are now exposed to biological weapons that could be created and used to target people from a particular ethnic group. The targeting is done through the DNA. This report was prepared and presented by the University Of Cambridge.

The big question one would ask after reading the opening of this article is: Is Corona Virus one of those kinds of Biological weapons? And if it is, who created it and which ethnic group was it designed for?

As you ponder upon that, let us continue.


In the report, researchers from the Centre for the study of Existential Risk (CSER), of the Cambridge University shared their concerns and clearly stated that the American government, and by extension, others in the world, have not done enough to prepare for what they called ‘human-driven catastrophic risks’ which could result in the harming of millions and the collapse of the modern society as we now know it.

In a world where we have a speedy leap into all sorts of new genetic engineering, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence (AI), we are now more exposed to a variety of new and existing threats to the modern world.

This report focused on the need for governments and policymakers to look out for their citizens and make their protection a priority. Much more important in their report was the urgency for the government to equip their nations in the case of devastating bioengineering pandemics and epidemics, or more so, programmers, losing control of their AI systems.

In their report, the researchers put forward these concerns in these concise word:


“More nefarious hands could (as they have before) develop pathogens and toxins to spread through air, food and water sources.

“And the technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated at ever cheaper prices, democratising the ability to harm more quickly and lethally.

“In a particularly bad case, a bio-weapon could be built to target a specific ethnic group based on its genomic profile”

In the part of the report that looked at the harmful results that would come from rogue AI systems, the researchers spoke about companies like Google who have a DeepMind which now show signs of human intuition, saying that systems like that could be ‘extremely harmful and potentially unstoppable.’


In their report, they argued that it could be catastrophic for an artificially intelligent machine to create its own goals and possess the power to pursue these goals. They called on the appointment of a Minister of National Risk, to look into such matters.

In a statement, one of the authors of this report, Des Brown, a former Defence Secretary, had this to say:

“Our leaders can, and must, act now to better understand the global catastrophic risks that are present and developing.”

“National governments struggle with understanding and developing policy for the elimination or mitigation of extreme risks, including global catastrophic risks.


“Effective policies may compel fundamental structural reform of political systems, but we do not need, nor do we have the time, to wait for such change.”

This report was published in 2019 and was written on by Sarah Knapton, of ‘The Telegraph’. And what is now on the mind of many who have read this report is the possibility of Coronavirus being a man-made biological weapon targeted at the world through genetics. While others might say that is not possible, recent happenings in the world of science have proved that anything is possible.

The big question now is: Did the reporters see this coming? And if they did, who and what organization did they feel was bioengineering weapons to harms people?

Your imaginations and guesses can run wild and far, but the truth remains that none of us is 100% sure of the accusations that have been flying around, even though there are pinches of truth in some of them.


One of such accusations, especially in the case of the coronavirus, is the allegations made by Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers. He claimed, in a tweet, that Bill Gates and George Soroa are behind the coronavirus. Now, whether this is true or false, for us, it points to the fact that there is a possibility that someone somewhere can actually create a virus (biological weapon) targeted at harming a particular group of people.

Reports like this are to be taken seriously by various quarters in the world. It should drive governments to be more vigilant in the protection of their people, as the world leaps forward in quick succession and scientists and technologists thrive to outdo themselves.

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