Chicago Cop Who Smashed Black Woman’s Face And Neck Against The Concrete Ground, Then Knelt On Her Neck, To Be Fired

Chicago Cop Who Smashed Black Woman’s Face And Neck Against The Concrete Ground, Then Knelt On Her Neck, To Be Fired

One cop has been accused of breaking the city’s police code of conduct, and a top official in Chicago’s law enforcement system is advocating for his termination. Video purportedly captures the white police officer verbally abusing and dragging a Black lady by her hair before arresting her for looting in the summer of 2020, demonstrating his use of excessive force.

Officer David Laskus was charged with misconduct in June by Superintendent David Brown of the Chicago Police Department for his involvement in a case involving the use of excessive force against a citizen. On Sunday, May 31, 2020, at around 3 p.m., next to the Brickyard Mall, 2600 N. Narragansett Ave., Laskus dragged Mia Wright by her hair out of a car and knelt on her neck.

The report shows Laskus is charged with breaking a number of guidelines the Chicago Police Department established for interacting with residents. A few of these laws include disobeying a command, getting into an uncalled-for verbal or physical conflict with anyone, using excessive force, fabricating claims of wrongdoing against anyone, and displaying or using a weapon needlessly.

Laskus was the subject of an internal committee’s investigation, and during that time, another officer was also relieved of duty while the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) evaluated their actions. Brown has advised the board to dismiss Laskus in light of the COPA’s conclusions.

According to court documents, Laskus engaged in a “unjustified verbal or physical altercation” and applied “unreasonable force” when he tried to restrain Wright, dragging her by her hair to the ground and pressing his knee into her neck, similar to how former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin restrained George Floyd, whose case was at the center of the unrest Laskus was tasked with monitoring.

Wright and several family members said they intended to shop at a nearby Target store to obtain supplies for a birthday celebration but did not realize it was closed because of the commotion Floyd’s death had caused in the community. The officers prevented them from leaving the mall parking lot.

Although the group did not fit the description of the looters they were looking for, city attorney Caroline Fronczak said Laskus and other police thought the group was attempting to break into the mall to plunder.

According to reports, while she and her family were inside the car, Laskus reportedly damaged Wright’s belongings by grabbing his baton and smashing the window. Then he gave the order to exit the vehicle.

According to ABC 7, the officer pulled Wright from the car after she failed to react quickly enough. She was grabbed by her bun-styled hair.

A family member who was present during the altercation recorded it on a cellphone, and it was used as proof against the officer.

Wright was wrongfully detained overnight at a nearby police station after Laskus arrested her on suspicion of disorderly conduct despite having no probable cause to target her that day, according to the records. These accusations have been dropped since her arrest.

Wright was injured during the altercation by a piece of glass that got in when the window broke, leaving her blind in her right eye and maybe putting a stop to her aspirations of becoming a paramedic in the future.

In 2020, based on their complaints that they were the victims of police brutality due to Laskus’ alleged use of excessive force, Wright and four other people who were present during the assault filed a federal lawsuit with the city. Chicago’s City Council authorized the payment of $1,675,000 in taxpayer money to the five as part of a case settlement in March 2022.

The lawsuit stated that while Mia Wright’s face and neck were being slammed against the concrete ground, she was unable to breathe and was in a condition of paralyzing fear.






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