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China Records Outbreak Of A Second Deadly Virus – Hantavirus

China Records Outbreak Of A Second Deadly Virus - Hantavirus

It was reported by the Global Times, which is China’s English-speaking tabloid on Monday revealed that a man who is from Yunnan Province who had died on his way back to Shandong province for work tested positive along with 32 other persons on the bus.

Hantaviruses or Othohantavirus come from a family of viruses that are spread by rodents. These viruses, however, cause different syndromes in humans.

Hantaviruses are known as “New World” in America and can cause syndromes called hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). The other hantaviruses which are commonly found in Europe and Asia cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) and they are also known as “Old World”.

The infection of this virus can what is known as hantavirus disease in humans.

It is noteworthy to know that the hantavirus has specific rodent host species. It is usually spread to humans through the inhalation of feces, saliva urine that is contaminated. In less common cases it is gotten from bites of infected hosts.


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