Chinese Ship Crew Throws Two African Overboard Into Shark Infested Indian Ocean

Chinese Ship Crew Throws Two African Overboard Into Shark Infested Indian Ocean

In recent weeks, we have seen a surge in racism against Africans from Chinese nationals across the globe, especially in China.

Videos of separate attacks on Africans by Chinese nationals have surfaced online, further solidifying the racist remarks which the Chinese have used on Africans over the years.

The latest of the Chinese disregard for Africans is the attempted murder committed by a Chinese Captain and his crew, who threw two Tanzanians, overboard, for fear they would infect them with coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Tanzanian men, Amiri Salamu, 20 and Hassani Rajabu, 30, were washed up on the shores of a tourist beach on the South African coast, suffering from hypothermia, and almost dying.

The two men were stowaways, who hid in the deck of the ship. When they were discovered by the ship’s crew, they were both kept in separate rooms for fear of infecting the Ship crew with coronavirus, before they were thrown into the shark-infested waters.

The irony is that Chinese people now blame Black people for the spread of the coronavirus when it was actually in China that the virus broke out.

The Captain, Cui Rongli, made his men build a makeshift raft, with plastic drums, plywood, and ropes, before stopping the ship to dump both men into the waters off South Africa. Reports say that both men were also given life jackets and two bottles of water. The crew then asked them to use their hands to paddle, while pointing the direction to paddle to them.

The Tanzanian men stayed hungry, faced the harsh see winds, currents, and sharks, and on the third day got washed up unto a tourist beach on the KwaZulu-Natal coast of South Africa 50 miles north of Durban.

During the trial at Durban Magistrates Court in South Africa, the Chinese skipper and six crew Lin Xinyong, Zou Yongxian, Tan Yian, Xie Wenbin, Xu Kun and Mu Yong, all agreed to the charges of attempted murder and paid fines for their crimes.

A full and more concise report of this news can be found on Daily Mail.



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