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Corona Virus Now In The White House – Vice President Pence’s Staff Infected

Corona Virus Now In The White House - Vice President Pences Staff Infected

A report coming from the United States has stated that a staff member of the white house, working with Vice President Mike Pence has returned positive for a coronavirus test. This was confirmed by the vice president’s spokesperson, Katie Miller.

In a statement, Miller said that “‪This evening we were notified that a member of the Office of the Vice President tested positive for the Coronavirus. Neither President Trump nor Vice President Pence had close contact with the individual… Further contact tracing is being conducted in accordance with CDC guidelines.”

Ever since the outbreak of the virus, the vice president has been at the forefront of the United States government’s response to the pandemic. He has been the point person, and has handled it all with his staff, and then reporting back to the president.


Reports say that this is not the first time that someone close to the vice president is testing positive to the virus. Reports confirm that at least two of the people who attended the American Isreal Public Affairs Committers Policy’s Conference, with the vice president were also positive for the coronavirus. The conference was attended by Pence and several aides and lawmakers.

CNN reported that both the vice president and the president, Donald Trump, have been close to people infected with the virus. The report said that Donald Trump and Mike Pence both attended the Conservative Political Action Conference last month. And that there was a high-profile attendee who tested positive to coronavirus. Many lawmakers who attended the conference, on hearing the news, quarantined themselves in the weeks that followed the conference.

Although from reports available, there is no sign that the president or vice president were in close contact with the attendee who tested positive. This confirmation was made by the white house press secretary Stephanie Grisham.


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