CSI NY Actor Micah Beals Charged With Defacing George Floyd Memorial

CSI New York Actor, Micah Beals Charged With Defacing George Floyd Memorial


The guy who vandalized George Floyd’s bronze bust in New York has been identified and detained, according to the New York Police Department. Micah Beals, 37, was arrested for the offense on Monday (Oct. 25) and charged with second-degree criminal mischief. Beals is well recognized for his role on “CSI: New York.”

On Oct. 3, Beals’ alleged vandalism was captured on video, and police released the surveillance film to the public the next day. A man skateboarded past Floyd’s memorial statue in New York’s Union Square before splattering the bust with grey paint, according to the video.


The vandalism took place just four days after the bust was revealed, along with monuments of Breonna Taylor and the late Rep. John Lewis.

Floyd’s brother Terrence Floyd told TMZ after the October incident that he hoped to meet and have an honest dialogue with whoever vandalized the statue in order to prevent future vandalism.

Lindsay Eshelman, the co-founder of Confront Art, which commissioned the three statues, claimed at the time, “The George Floyd statue was the only one targeted.” “It appears to be the one that elicits the greatest feeling from everyone, both good and unpleasant.” I can personally attest to the fact that George Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd, was deeply dismayed and grieved to see his brother once again become the object of such virulent hatred.”

Floyd’s six-foot sculpture was previously destroyed in Flatbush, Brooklyn, only days after it was unveiled. The monument was apparently damaged with black paint by four unidentified offenders, who left markings that were thought to be symbols of white supremacy. Beals has not been named as a suspect in the vandalism that occurred in June.

Beals, also known as Micah Femiah, was previously detained for violating curfew during the Jan. 6 disturbances at the United States Capitol, according to CBS. He faces a maximum term of seven years in jail if convicted of second-degree criminal mischief.







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