DC Police Release Video Of White Officer Fatally Shooting Black Man Who Was Sleeping In A Car

D.C. Police Release Video Of White Officer Fatally Shooting Black Man Who Was Sleeping In A Car

D.C. Police Department released body camera footage on Thursday showing an officer fatally shooting a Black man sleeping in a car at a traffic light. The cop opened fire on the automobile with ten shots.

According to NBC4 Washington, the deceased, Antwan Gilmore, was armed, unconscious, and impeding traffic flow when cops approached him on Wednesday.

Chief of Police Robert Contee of the Metropolitan Police Department said the deceased 27-year-old woke up “at some point” after authorities approached him at a press conference on Thursday.

The officer who fired the shots into Gilmore’s car was wearing a ballistic shield, according to the police chief, which makes determining what the officer witnessed difficult.

“It’s tough to perceive things through the eyes of the cop who fired the shot in this case. It’s nearly impossible to see what that cop sees. What did he think the threat was at the time?” According to Contee, the officer in issue has yet to submit a statement regarding the incident.

The police agency published two videos of the shooting. WUSA9 reported the first is a 12-minute film, while the second is a 5.5-minute edited video that displays different perspectives of the incident from three cameras.

Multiple officers are seen circling Gilmore’s car and conversing about the deceased Black man having a pistol in the shorter footage. They also try knocking on the car windows to wake him awake. A cop is overheard saying, “I can’t see his hands.”

In the longer video, the cop who opened fire can also be heard commenting about Gilmore waking up. The cop can be heard stating, “Oh, he’s waking up, he’s waking up.” “Keep an eye on the hands! What happened to the gun? Should we ring the doorbell?”

Before Gilmore moves the car, the cops can be heard saying “don’t move” and “Police!” Following then, an officer fires several shots into the moving vehicle.

Gilmore had first obeyed cops’ commands not to move the vehicle until he did, police claimed, and the automobile was then shot at.

However, according to Contee, shooting at a moving vehicle is against departmental protocol. “Firing a weapon at a moving car is against our policies. During Thursday’s briefing, he said, “We do have a protocol in regards to shooting at a moving vehicle.”

Officers discovered a gun in the deceased man’s waistband after the incident. Contee also claimed he couldn’t tell if Gilmore pulled the gun from his belt during the altercation.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the police said officers were dispatched to the spot where Gilmore was discovered after receiving a tip about an unconscious driver at a traffic light, according to NBC4 Washington.

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